How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder? A Complete Guide

Imagine you’re at a party, and the speaker is playing your favorite tunes. Everyone’s dancing and drinking, but the volume isn’t up to par. It’s almost like spoiling the party. If you decide to buy a Bluetooth speaker and find that it is not as loud as you want it to be, here are some methods you can use to try and make it louder.

As you may know, Bluetooth speakers usually have a built-in volume control too. However, it is rare that you can boost it over 50% without eating away at the audio quality, which is why we came up with this idea for how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder.

tips on making your portable speaker sound louder

Can you Make the Bluetooth Speaker Louder?

The short answer is yes, but not as loud as you probably want. The long answer is more complicated – it depends on a number of factors, but it’s doable if you know how to do it.

If you own a Bluetooth speaker, you know they are not loud enough. This is because Bluetooth speakers depend on the output devices when it comes to volume. If you are using a newer iPhone or Android phone, the maximum volume is restricted by law to avoid hearing damage.

Before doing anything, make sure that the speaker is charged. This will help ensure that your music will be played without interruption. You should also check to see if the speaker has a volume button and then set the volume to its highest level. If the speaker does not have a volume button, you can use your phone’s volume control instead.

How to Make a Portable Speaker Sound Louder?

If you already own a Bluetooth speaker and want to increase its volume, the good news is that you can do it without paying anything. There are a few ways that you can try to improve your speaker’s sound quality. Some of them are easier than others, but none of them are difficult.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your Bluetooth speaker louder, then the first thing you should do is try to place it at the center of the room.

how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder

The easiest solution is to move the speaker away from the wall. If it is up against a wall or in a corner, it may echo and prevent some of the sound from traveling as well. You can also consider putting it on a shelf or another raised surface so that it is closer to ear level.

If neither of those solutions works well for you, try turning off other Bluetooth devices in your house or putting your speaker farther away from any major electronics sources like TVs or microwaves.

The next simplest solution is to buy yourself an external amplifier. This may be expensive but will dramatically increase how loud your speaker can get with minimal effort on your part!

Common tips on improving the loudness of Bluetooth speakers:

  • Get a Bluetooth Speaker With Multiple Drivers

If you’re using a single-driver Bluetooth speaker, you might be disappointed by the sound quality. A single driver is better for portability, but it limits bass and volume unless you have a very large driver or turn the volume up very high. That’s why most people get better results from two- or three-way speakers, which feature multiple drivers that play different frequencies.

Zebronics Zeb Music Box beautifully playing music outdoor

  • Use More Than One Speaker for Stereo Sound

That said, even three-way speakers don’t deliver great stereo separation because they’re designed to be used in the middle of a room. If you want real stereo separation, it’s best to use more than one speaker to create a left channel and right channel – this is particularly important when listening to music with vocals.

  • Moving Speakers Away From Walls and Corners

Speaking of placement, you can improve Bluetooth speaker’s loudness by moving them away from walls and corners. These locations tend to reinforce bass sounds, which ends up making everything else sound worse rather than better.

girl using smart speaker with her smartphone

The best placement for most speakers is at least 18 inches away from walls (or whatever the manufacturer recommends) and at least 3 feet apart from each other (if you’re using a stereo pair). You may also try turning or angling the speakers toward your listening position to see if that helps. A small change in direction can make a big difference in the loudness.

  • Try a Different Music Source

We all have our favorite tunes that we feel sound better than the rest. But sometimes even our favorite tracks can sound flat and lifeless. There’s no need to panic, though – often a few tweaks in how you listen to music or the source you’re listening to it from can make all the difference.

  • Experiment With Equalizer Settings

Equalizers boost certain frequencies, depending on the type of music and the frequency range of the given song. For example, if a song has a lot of bass (low-frequency sound), then boosting that range will make the song seem louder and more powerful.

cute girl streaming music on wifi speaker

To increase the loudness of your speakers, open the equalizer and raise the gain, or volume, for all frequencies by the same amount – every frequency slider should be at the same level. For example, if every slider is at zero except for one that is at -3 decibels (dB), reduce each slider by 3 dB. If each slider is set to +4 dB, increase each one by 4 dB.

  • Play With Your Speaker’s Positioning (Already Explained)


Hopefully, you have learned how to turn the Bluetooth speaker louder. The Bluetooth speaker is very simple to use. Once connected to your computer or other device, you can send music through the speaker.

When these speakers are louder, then you will be able to enjoy the music more with your friends or family. If you want to get your Bluetooth speaker louder, then try the above-explained simple solutions to give your speaker an extra boost in volume.


How to make Bluetooth speakers louder in the car?

There are several ways to make Bluetooth speaker louder, but the most popular way is by amplifying it with an audio amplifier. Most car head units already have an internal amplifier as part of the factory installation.

Not all internal amplifiers are of high quality, which means that you need to match those speakers to a better amplifier. Another way is to use an external amplifier for the car stereo, to boost the audio signal from your phone or tablet.

How to make a small portable speaker louder?

Small speakers are notoriously hard to get loud because they lack the power of larger speakers with larger drivers to push more air.

cheap portable bluetooth speakers to buy in India under 1000

However, there are still a few tricks you can use to do this. For instance, try turning up the volume as far as possible until it starts to distort (at least 6 o’clock is ideal). If the audio distorts more than expected, you might need to replace the Bluetooth speaker’s battery.

You can also try boosting the bass. Smaller transducers on small speakers usually struggle to produce the same low-end frequency range as their larger counterparts. Applying a little EQ magic will take care of that problem though.

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