Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers in India

Are you looking for affordable Bluetooth speakers? One of the most exciting advances in audio technology for years has been the arrival of wireless speakers. In India, people are sidelining wired speakers & switching to Bluetooth enabled speakers.

Gone are the days where you have to be tethered to your phone or computer, or compromise on the quality of your listening experience.

Bluetooth speaker means that you’re free to roam the room, or even leave it – your music will continue to play. The feeling of freedom it gives is the prime reason why people are loving it from day 1.

But what would be the ideal budget to buy a Bluetooth speaker? Today you will see some of the best budget Bluetooth speakers in India which you can purchase for Rs. 1000, 2000 or 3000. But before that, let’s have insights into the tremendous growth of portable speakers in the country.

As per the report from Mordor intelligence, the trend of Bluetooth speakers is expected to continue & achieve new milestones by 2026. They forecast an annual CAGR of 10%, which is very much possible.

That said, choosing the right product is necessary. We will see how you can select the best Bluetooth speaker on budget shortly.

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers in India

Why Are Bluetooth Speakers So Popular in India?

Bluetooth speakers have become incredibly popular in recent years. Without any dedicated ports, they are clearly the best way to play your music.

Sound quality is not the most important factor because these speakers are designed for portability, not audiophiles.

Some people prefer the more expensive models (costing more than Rs. 10,000) that have a better sound quality and bass response, but they’re not necessary if you just want to enjoy your music while on the go.

You can just set them up in a certain area, turn on the speaker, and play your tunes. Of course, they are also portable and you can bring them with you wherever you go. The inbuilt battery lasts for 6 hours on average.

Additionally, wireless speakers are IP rated waterproof and so, are suited for outdoor, picnics & parties.

Things to Do with Your Portable Speaker

To sum up, portability, durability and power are the key factors why Bluetooth speakers have witnessed mass adoption in recent years in India.

The thing is, there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market today and you might be wondering how to choose the best one.

Well, we are here to help! We will give you a list of factors that should help you make that decision.

5 Points to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Budget Friendly Bluetooth speaker

There are a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers available in today’s market. In order to find the right speaker, you have to consider several things.

However, it is important that you know what you are looking for and what features you want before you enter the marketplace.

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing the best Bluetooth speakers within your budget:

1. Quality of sound – The quality of sound will depend on how much money you spend on the device. If you are an audiophile, then it is important to invest in a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. A high-quality Bluetooth speaker will produce clear and crisp sounds even at higher volumes.

2. Portability – A wireless device needs to be portable in order for you to use it anywhere, anytime. It should also be easy to carry around without a lot of hassle. A small Bluetooth speaker should be able to fit into your pocket or bag without any issues.

3. Battery life – The battery life of any wireless device is something that most people forget about or don’t think about until the battery dies out on them. You should look for devices that can last up to 6-8 hours at a stretch so that you do not rely on electricity.

4. Water Resistant – The next deciding factor in buying BT speakers is if it is immune to water & other liquids. We do not know when we get caught in rain or when other liquids come into contact with it.

In such a scenario, your speakers must be waterproof. Nowadays, most portable speakers have an IPX5 or IPX6/IPX7 rating. Our point is, try to go with the latest possible IP rating and avoid going with the below IPX5 waterproof rating.

5. Budget – This is the core part of this entire article. You can’t burn your pocket just to follow the trend. Today, even the best Bluetooth speaker brands such as boAt, Mivi, etc. are offering it for as low as Rs. 1000, 2000 or even 3000. Few brands are completely made in India. American brands such as Bose or Tribit offer premium wireless speakers to Indian customers.

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers in India to Consider

Whether you’re working on your next masterpiece, jamming with your friends or just looking for a way to add some tunes to your outdoor party, there are plenty of Bluetooth speakers out there to make all of that possible.

The problem is, they can be pricey. With so many options available, finding a speaker that matches both your budget and your needs can be tricky. Let’s see what you can expect (& what not) when you decide to spend a particular amount of money on portable speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 1000

Though we do have inexpensive portable speakers available for as low as Rs. 400, we would like to start with Rs. 1000. This is because there’s a minimum set of features that are to be fulfilled in any wireless speaker we buy. Oversimplified speakers lack that (too cheap Bluetooth speakers are not good, in most cases).

At a budget of Rs 1000, you can buy cheap Bluetooth speakers with great design, lightweight and connectivity. Let’s look at what we will get in the best low budget Bluetooth speakers under 1000 rupees.

how bluetooth speakers work

What to expect with Bluetooth speakers on Rs. 1000 Budget?

  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portability
  • AUX cable support
  • Battery life: 8 to 10 hours
  • Value for Money

However, we will get the average sound quality for these budget speakers. Don’t expect too rich or a high-quality sound. Also, there will be no noise cancellation or any bass. The sound distorts in higher volumes. In a nutshell, they are great for personal use but great for outdoor use.

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Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers in India under 2000

Most wireless speakers in India fall under the budget of Rs. 1500 or 2000. We strongly recommend you go with these speakers as you get all the necessary features in this price range, which are not available on a lower budget.

If you want to attend calls, these are the preferred cheap Bluetooth speakers with microphones. The call quality is quite clear & impressive. If you need the best portable speaker for a small room, spend Rs. 2000 & get these functions:

  • Superb quality of material
  • Excellent portability & connectivity
  • Multiple music streaming options: Bluetooth, AUX or MicroSD card
  • Few models support FM radio
  • The above-average sound quality, particularly in the case of JBL speakers, it’s great.
  • Calling function
  • IP rated waterproof
  • Multiple colour options to choose from

Mivi roam bluetooth speaker

Few people want FM Radio on BT speakers. If so, spending Rs. 1500 is enough to get a good Bluetooth speaker with an FM radio

Though few brands offer immersive sound quality on wireless speakers coming within the budget of Rs. 2000, few do the cost-cutting as well. But one thing I see is, there is no noise cancellation or deep heavy bass. The battery life is also not too great, it lies in between 5 to 7 hours only.

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Best budget Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India

Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 3000

Output power is a crucial factor in choosing wireless speakers. On a budget of Rs. 1000 or even 2000, you can’t expect enough output power. This results in signal loss over a range.

The issue is resolved in Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 3000. Apart from the output power, you can use them for small gatherings, outdoor & picnics. They are IPX5/6 or IPX7 rated waterproof & service the 3-meter depth inside water.

  • Large output power, in the range of 15 to 20W.
  • IP rated waterproof
  • Signature sound for amazing sound quality
  • A few brands offer noise cancellations too.
  • Good connectivity & range
  • Huge battery size
  • No audio distortion, even at 80% volume
  • Battery life: depends on the brand & model

Battery life depends on the brand because few offer battery backup as long as 20 hours while few last only for 5 hours, on the same budget, i.e, Rs 3000. Secondly, while the sound quality is good & appreciable, there is no or little bass in these wireless speakers on this budget.

Ultimate ears company speakers

To sum up, these are great for use inside a room or for a small get together. Even for outdoor activities, you can allocate a budget for Rs. 3000 behind these Bluetooth speakers.

Nowadays, Mono speakers are getting outdated. For a better listening experience, you should switch from mono to stereo speakers. You can select the best budget Bluetooth stereo speaker under Rs. 3000.

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Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 4000 & 5000

If you are a true music enthusiast, you have to be free from those messy wires & opt for Bluetooth speakers. Sadly, portable speakers do not offer too good sound quality until we stretch our budget to Rs. 4000 or Rs. 5000.

Bose Bluetooth speakers

Yes, you can enjoy the deep bass of Bluetooth speakers coming under Rs. 5000 budget, few companies offer it. These are among the affordable Bluetooth speakers with good bass. They are great for outdoor (seriously waterproof) & big output power. Here’s an overview of our expectations:

  • Ultra-high output power up to 30W
  • IPX7 rated waterproof
  • Microphone for calls
  • Extended playtime hours
  • Booming bass
  • Immersive sound
  • Up to 20-24 hours of playtime
  • Voice Assistant Support

In short, for Rs 5000, wireless speakers are a complete package of music in every aspect. However, we recommend you go after this budget only if you are willing to. Think “What can I do with a Bluetooth speaker of Rs. 5000 that I can’t with Rs. 2000 one?

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Bluetooth speakers under 5000 rs

Bluetooth Speakers Above Rs. 10000

Most award-winning portable speakers come with a heavy price tag. This is because they unleash the true potential of a Bluetooth speaker. Regardless of every aspect, be it sound quality, battery, charging, water resistivity or else, they are just amazing.

connect wireless speakers to mobile

Here are the key functions (not limited to) of what you get in Bluetooth speakers on a budget of more than Rs. 10000-

  • Deep extra bass
  • Huge battery backup
  • Fast charging
  • Big battery, up to 5000 mAh or even more
  • Latest IP rated waterproof
  • Super portable & loud
  • Can withstand shock or extreme conditions
  • Music centre app
  • Tough & rugged design
  • Big dynamic drivers
  • Longer warranty up to 2 years

So, you can literally sit back & relax with these portable speakers. Never worry about anything, anytime, ever. But at the same time, they are not affordable for most of us. Ask yourself the same question which I have written in the last section before spending this much.


Bluetooth speakers are known to be the go-to speakers for those who don’t want to deal with tangled wires or be stuck to a wall outlet.

They are more mobile, giving more freedom of movement in that you can take them easily with you wherever you go.

And they don’t just stop at being more portable; they also tend to offer better sound quality compared to a regular pair of headphones.

We just presented what we get on Bluetooth speakers at different budgets. Now it all depends on what your requirements & expectations. My advice is, don’t go too cheap or too extravagant.

Don’t overspend on Bluetooth speakers. You can find plenty of speakers that will not just look good but will perform very well for a reasonable price. A price tag of Rs. 2000 or 3000 is enough to end up with the best budget Bluetooth speakers in India.