10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 Rupees in India (2023)

Finding a Bluetooth speaker can be tricky. There are a lot of different products that you can choose from, and it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s not.

I did a lot of research when I first started looking for the right Bluetooth speakers.

I needed something that was durable, had good sound quality, and didn’t cost too much money.

Guess what, I ended up with the few best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 rupees. You will see that I have shortlisted wireless speakers which cost less than Rs. 1000.

When you’re listening to your favourite music and you need it to sound as beautiful as possible, there’s nothing like a good Bluetooth speaker.

I listen to a lot of music while working, cooking or cleaning the house, and a Bluetooth speaker is always in my handbag.

Mordor intelligence says India’s wireless speaker market growth will be 10% during 2021-2026. But not each of us can afford to spend thousands of rupees on a speaker. So how can we enjoy the flexibility of Bluetooth speakers in your budget?

As a music lover and someone who has tested hundreds of wireless speakers, I want to share my expertise by helping you find something that suits your taste.

Best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 rupees in India

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 Rupees in India

Wireless Speakers under 1K:Links (Amazon)
boAt Stone 180 CHECK PRICE
Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint CHECK PRICE
Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker CHECK PRICE
boAt Stone 260 CHECK PRICE
boAt Stone 200 CHECK PRICE
boAt Stone Grenade CHECK PRICE
Zebronics Zeb-County CHECK PRICE
Clavier Fusion portable speaker CHECK PRICE
Zebronics Zeb-Vita CHECK PRICE

1. Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Speaker (All-rounder)


  • 5W output power
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Waterproof design
  • Premium Aluminium design
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0

This portable speaker is built with a fully waterproof design and 5W output power to enable you to effortlessly listen to your favourite music, wherever you go. I personally liked the deep bass of the Mivi Roam 2 wireless speaker. It’s the best Bluetooth speaker under 1000 with high bass.

Mivi roam bluetooth speaker

Its durable aluminium housing features a woven metal mesh that blends seamlessly into the fabric’s exterior, making it easy to match any personal style. Although Mivi has not revealed the exact rating, it’s a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

With its high-performance 2000mAh battery and the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the speaker lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge (at 70% volume) and allows you to seamlessly switch from device to device within seconds.

Since it uses the latest Bluetooth version, the power utilisation is well optimized and the connection is just great. The inbuilt mic also allows you to attend group calls or access voice assistants.

Mivi roam wireless speaker experience

Talking about the sound quality, Mivi Roam 2 deliver loud & clear music with punchy bass. You can feel it & it’s not like cheap speakers. I must say that despite this wireless speaker is available below Rs. 1000, it delivers studio-quality sound.

What I did not like about the Mivi Roam 2 was the long charging time. it takes 3 to 4 hours for a full charge, which is a little high. Secondly, I faced a little distortion in the sound quality at 100% volume. I was a little disappointed after I didn’t find any charging cable with the packaging box.


  • Excellent sound quality with loudness
  • Deep & punchy bass
  • 5W output power
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Up to 24 hours of playtime at 70% volume
  • Aluminium design-strong & durable
  • Mic & voice assistants
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 for no technical glitches
  • 1 year warranty


  • Sound distorts at 100% volume
  • Long charging time (3-4h)
  • No charging cable in the box

Why Buy it? If you can’t compromise with the sound quality and you have a low budget for a Bluetooth speaker, don’t give it a second thought anymore. Mivi Roam 2 tops the list because of its great sound with deep bass, robust Aluminum design and ultra-high backup.

Yes, charging time is a little high because of its large battery size but you can manage it. In short, it’s a complete value for money product and I find no reason to exclude or degrade its position in the list of best wireless speakers below Rs. 1000.

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2. boAt Stone 180 Bluetooth Speaker (For Gym & Outdoor)


  • 5W output power
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Dual connectivity: Bluetooth & AUX
  • Lightweight (145g)
  • Smooth integrated controls

Play music from a variety of devices with this Bluetooth speaker costing less than Rs. 1000. It will work as soon as you pull it out of the box and only weighs 140 grams, so it will not add too much extra weight to your luggage.

boAt Stone 180 Bluetooth Speaker

The integrated controls are smooth and give you easy access to anything you need to do. boAt stone 180 speaker is IPX7 waterproof too, up to 1m in around 30 minutes.

I must inform you that the IPX7 rating is not available even if you choose a Bluetooth speaker under 2000 budget.  Hence, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for the gym or outdoors somewhere around 1000 rs, it’s good.

Hence, ideal for packing into your beach bag without fear of it getting wet – realising the calibre of true wireless freedom. Even if you wish not to use it that way, you are free to use an AUX cable too.

Despite its small size, it still has a very powerful 5W speaker inside, producing clear and crisp audio. boAt stone 180 speaker is equipped with a 1.75″ driver, which plays a crucial role in sound quality. I especially liked the boAt signature sound as it’s super clear, crisp & immersive.

The music is easily filled to any size room in your home or outside on the patio. And, with a range of 30+ feet, you can also connect it to your smartphone and take calls hands-free.

With a rechargeable 800 mah battery, this lightweight speaker is perfect for travel or outdoor use when you are on the go! This compact device easily connects to your device and offers up to 10 hours of playtime for uninterrupted listening.

However, if you play at 100% volume, the battery will exhaust after 4-6 hours, which is not a surprise for me by the way. Secondly, I found it difficult to locate the control buttons. They are kind of hidden from the body & are hard to locate sometimes.


  • 5W output power which is great for small room
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Use either Bluetooth or AUX at your convenience
  • 800 mAh battery for up to 10 hours playtime
  • boAt signature sound
  • Integrated control buttons
  • 1 year warranty


  • Mic quality is average
  • Little to no bass
  • Difficult to use buttons on first few days

Why Buy it? The positive points of the boAt stone 180 speaker are IPX7 waterproof, design & sound quality. Very few brands provide IPX7 waterproof speakers so it’s a great choice for outdoor use.

Secondly, it weighs less than 150g, hence preferred for travel & portability. Mic quality is just average but still, you can talk over phone calls inside a small room. Overall, boAt stone 180 is a good choice for you if intending for personal use in and outdoor.

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3. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Mini Speaker (Compact & dual EQ)


  • Pocket-sized
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • Dual equalizer
  • 480 mAh battery
  • Mic & voice-assistants

The next one in the list of wireless speakers under 1000 is from JBL. This tiny speaker is the ultimate Bluetooth companion, offering you music wherever you are. Built for play, JBL Fuze pint is made with a unique design and high-quality audio that is sure to impress.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Wireless Mini Speaker

Overall, I couldn’t believe that a Bluetooth speaker under rs 1000 can produce such clear sound with deep bass. Loudness is okay for a small room. The dual equalizer feature makes it a winning product with punchy & enhanced bass.

The Infinity JBL Fuze pint speaker weighs just 95 grams and fits inside your pocket. So, it’s easy to carry and portability is 100% guaranteed. The plastic build quality is superb and I can say with confidence that it’s going to stay for at least 2 years. It’s not waterproof so not recommended for use in riversides, swimming pools or nearby water sources.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint outdoor use

Connect your mobile device or laptop via Bluetooth v5.0, or use the built-in mic and voice assistants to easily access your favourite music and podcasts. Even the voice calling experience was crisp, clear and loud with JBL Fuze.

Featuring dual equalizers and a 480 mAh battery (which offers up to 5 hours of playtime), this speaker is perfect for personal use. But when the battery goes low, the loudness suffers. JBL Fuze takes 2.5 hours for a full charge from scratch.

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The thing I disliked about the JBL Fuze pint wireless speaker is, there is just one single button for all operations. I find it painful to skip or pause a track. Secondly, it’s not waterproof.


  • 4.5 watts output power
  • Dual EQ for best sound quality & heavy bass
  • Hands-free calls
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Extremely lightweight, portable & ready to travel
  • Durable product
  • Up to 5 hours of playtime
  • 1-year warranty


  • Battery life could be improved
  • Not waterproof
  • A single control button is difficult for multiple operations

Why Buy it? If you want the most compact Bluetooth speakers priced under 1000, go with JBL Fuze pint without a doubt. It’s great for individual use, be it inside the room or during a road trip.

Apart from the portability, it provides good sound quality with bass. You won’t face any connectivity issues. Overall, it’s a great companion for smartphones & laptops. The phrase ‘Chhota packet, bada dhamaka‘ fits well with JBL Fuze Pint.

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4. Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker (Best for Personal use)


  • 1000 mAh battery
  • Splashproof & pocket-sized
  • dual connectivity- AUX & Bluetooth
  • Built-in microphone
  • Easy to carry

This stylish portable speaker from Mivi is the perfect companion for you anywhere. Slim and lightweight, Mivi play slips easily into your bag or adds a pop of colour to any space. It’s the perfect travel partner. If you attend too many calls & looking for the best Bluetooth speaker in low budget with a mic under 1000, Mivi play is a wise choice for you.

Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker

The Mivi Play wireless speaker has a water resistant design and dual connectivity with AUX & Bluetooth. And because it’s IPX4 splashproof and pocket-sized, you can take it wherever you go! It’s the perfect size for travel, a bike ride or hiking adventure, and even at home.

It also lets you stream music from your phone via Bluetooth v5.0 or Aux. Since Mivi play uses the latest Bluetooth firmware, don’t worry about disconnection issues. However, it does not support stereo pairing (multi-point connection).

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Bring the music anywhere with this compact, feature-rich Bluetooth speaker that allows for seamless connectivity with your smartphone with strong bass and high definition sound. For voice calls, you can use an integrated microphone to talk hands-free on the go!

cheap portable bluetooth speakers to buy in India under 1000

Mivi play portable Bluetooth speaker with a 1000 mAh battery that gives up to 12 hours of battery life. It takes roughly 2 hours of time for a full charge. The only thing which bothered me a little is, Mivi play supports a Micro-USB cable instead of a modern Type-C cable.

When I tried using it with my laptop, the sound wasn’t too loud. Also, the sound quality is, no doubt good but it becomes noisy after 85-90% volume. But overall, it’s a good & value for money product. We will see on what conditions this Bluetooth speaker is good to use, after the pros & cons.


  • Powerful & solid bass
  • Excellent high-resolution sound quality
  • Inbuilt mic for calls
  • IPX4 Splashproof & compact design
  • No issues with connectivity
  • AUX support
  • 1000 mAh battery for 10-12 hours playtime
  • 1 year warranty (made-in-India product)


  • No multi-speaker connection is possible
  • Noisy audio beyond 90% volume
  • IPX4 rating is old

Why Buy it? Mivi play wireless speaker costs less than Rs. 1000 but offers all the essential features we should have asked for at this price point. Sound quality & bass are two important factors and it passes these two criteria.

Additionally, battery life is quite good and it supports AUX cable too. In short, the Mivi play is suitable for people who want to use it personally inside or outside the home.

Don’t expect too loud a sound or it will survive inside water for too long. Overall, q quality made-in-India products have great features.

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5. boAt Stone 260 Bluetooth Speaker (SD card support)


  • 4W output power
  • 4-5 hours playtime
  • SD card support
  • IPX5 rated waterproof & shockproof
  • Attractive & compact

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 from boAt company? boAt stone 60 is a small, circular portable speaker composed of this unique and modern design. Your music will stream to the device from any Bluetooth enabled device, such as a phone or tablet. The small, lightweight design allows it to fit into most bags, making it easy to take on the go.

boAt Stone 260 portable speaker

The boAt 260 features an SD card slot, so you can play most songs from a micro-SD card with no need to connect to a device. It is IPX5 rated waterproof and shockproof, so you can play your favourite music in the pool or at the park with no worries.

The design is made to look like a leaf for a unique look, it’s compact and lightweight for portability and you’ll find that it’s shockproof just in case you drop it on those hardwood floors. We have 4 dedicated buttons on the side- for playing/pausing/skipping a track or managing phone calls.

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Make the music move with this compact, portable speaker. A fully charged battery provides up to 4-5 hours of playtime. The output power of boAt stone 260 is 4 watts, which is less than the other Bluetooth speakers under rs 1000 which we have reviewed so far. But it’s still relevant for personal use.

boAt Stone 260 colorful image

Not only about the loudness but the sound quality of boAt stone 260 is great. It pours sound which is loud enough for a small personal room. The amount of bass is also good & enough. I faced sound distortion like any other Bluetooth speaker when I turned up the volume. However, it was in control after decreasing the bass in the device settings.

The battery capacity of this boAt speaker is 1000 mAh, with a charging time of 1.5-2 hours. The Bluetooth connectivity is top-notch, with no chance of any connectivity issues. boAt 260 fulfils the need for a portable speaker at the lowest price, and I was totally mesmerized by the durability & sturdiness of the product.


  • Good sound & loud enough sound
  • Decent bass
  • Hands-free calls
  • Integrated button controls
  • IPX5 rated waterproof & shockproof
  • 4-5 hours playtime with 1000 mAh battery
  • SD card support
  • Attractive & durable circular Silicon design
  • 1 year warranty


  • Output power is little low (4W)
  • Battery backup is very less than others

Why Buy it? boAt stone 260 wireless speaker is a great choice for personal use inside a room as it fulfils every criterion for this. Be it the loudness, sound quality or durability, it’s just great. If you want to play songs in repeat mode via an SD card, it’s the best option.

The only thing is the output power is a little low (but still recommended) and battery backup is lesser than the peers. Even if you drop it accidentally or come in contact with liquids, boAt stone 260 will survive it without bothering you.

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We’re done with the top 5 Bluetooth speakers under 1000 rupees in India. let’s see what are the next five:

6. boAt Stone 200 Speaker


  • AUX & Bluetooth support
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Compact & pocket-fit design
  • 1500 mAH huge battery

Are you looking for the best portable Bluetooth speakers under 1000? This portable and durable speaker is suitable for outdoor sports, fitness activities, travelling and home entertainment. With the outdoor style design, you could feel the music outside freely. It’s a good choice for your daily life & it fits inside your pocket.

boAt Stone 200 real user experience

The IPX6 water & splash resistant design ensures it is protected from damage from rain or splashes of water. boAt stone 200 comprises easily accessible control buttons for managing calls & tracks smoothly & instantly.

With a 50mm driver size, 3W output power and extra bass, the boAT stone 200 portable speaker will fill your space with rich sound no matter where you are. But is the 3W Bluetooth speaker loud? No, it’s not loud enough but enough for personal use.

Just enjoy the truly immersive audio powered by boAt. The 50mm driver features extra bass for premium, room-filling sound.

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Enjoy the beach party anytime, anywhere with this ultra-portable and splashproof speaker. You can enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous music playback, while the travel pouch and carabiner let you hook it up pretty much anywhere. However, it’s not recommended to play music with a Bluetooth speaker while in charge.

improve battery life of your portable wireless speaker

boAt stone 200 gets full marks in terms of sound quality, battery life and a movable design. You can even use it via AUX cable if you don’t wish to play via Bluetooth. It’s totally worth your money and it can be used in a variety of places.

What I did not like about this is the long charging time. Yes, it takes 4 long hours to get fully charged & it’s just too much. Secondly, it does not support the latest Bluetooth version (instead BT 4.1), so you might face connectivity & performance issues. Stone 200 is a very old model Bluetooth speaker so you can avoid it if you didn’t like it.


  • Decent sound with extra bass
  • 1000 mAh battery for 10 hours playtime
  • IPX6 rated waterproof
  • Portable & mountable design
  • Dual connectivity- AUX & Bluetooth
  • Integrated controls
  • 1-year warranty


  • Outout power is too low (3W only)
  • Very long charging time (4 hours)
  • Outdated Bluetooth version (v4.1)

Why Buy it? boAt stone 200 is a 5-year-old model so I used it at very early stages. It really offers great sound quality with extra bass with the 48mm driver. Also, the battery size is big enough for great backup & Talktime. But still, the output power is too low with a long charging time so, not recommended for outdoor use. I feel we have better options available than boAt 200 at the same budget.

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7. boAt Stone Grenade Bluetooth Speaker (Loud Sound & Bass)


  • 5W output power
  • IPX6 water & shock resistant
  • Rugged design
  • AUX, Bluetooth & SD card support
  • 1200 mAh battery

If you’re looking for cheap and best Bluetooth speakers below 1000 rupees for outdoor use, boAt stone grenade is what you should be looking for. Featuring a rugged & sharp fabric coated design, this portable speaker has many features which other brands are not offering.

For example, you can listen to music as per your choice and convenience. Either use Bluetooth connectivity, AUX cable or even an SD card! boAt stone grenade will never let you disappoint with your entertainment, ever.

Weighing only 250 grams, the Stone grenade speaker has a strap for easy carrying, along with an IPX6 coated waterproof design. Experience the best of music & calls by controlling all your moves with the control buttons.

Get ready to experience the HD explosive sound with the 5W output power- which is recommended for outdoor use. The 44mm sound driver pours bombastic sound which is melodious, be it indoor or outdoor. The sound is really loud & sufficient for indoor. The bass is very punchy & I could feel it in my hands.

boAt Stone Grenade outdoor image

But what about the battery? We all know battery & charging are the two important aspects of any wireless speaker. boAt stone grenade comes with a 1200 mAh inbuilt battery which provides seamless backup for about 7 hours. Now that is not too good but enough for listening at 70% volume.

What I disliked about the Stone grenade speaker is its Bluetooth version. Again, it does not come with the latest BT version- triggering issues with connectivity for a few people. Also, only 7 hours of playback is not too great in 2022.


  • High-fidelity sound
  • Loud & deep bass
  • 5W output power- great for indoor & outdoor
  • Robust, IPX6 waterproof & durable design
  • Triple play option- AUX, BT & SD card
  • Calls with inbuilt-mic
  • Value for money
  • 1-year warranty


  • Poor battery backup, could be improved
  • Old BT version
  • Need to hard-prress the power button to wake-up

Why Buy it? If you were searching for affordable wireless speakers for outdoor use which has excellent sound quality with deep bass & loudness, there is no alternative to boAt stone grenade. Output power is enough to boom a room or even on a picnic. The triple connectivity feature gives you flexibility. In a nutshell, the boAt grenade speaker is a total value for money product with awesome features.

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8. Zebronics Zeb-County Wireless Speaker (with FM Radio)


Which Bluetooth speaker is best in India? Zebronics Zeb Bluetooth speaker, a compact and handy wireless audio solution for your smartphone, laptop and notebook is designed to provide an enhanced sound experience. In the image, you might feel it is going to be bulky, but it’s not- just 390 grams!

It comes with powerful 3W output power with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 that offers easy pairing and delivers good quality stereo sound. But personally, I am not too satisfied as the output power is quite low than the minimum (5W).

Moreover, you can indulge in a hands-free call function or stream music from your favourite devices using its AUX cable or micro SD card slot. So, whether you’re at work, travelling or in your room, this cool gadget will definitely bring a lot of fun and convenience to your life!

This stylish Zebronics wireless speaker has a sleek design and is lightweight (though it looks bulky, it’s not). If you are fond of FM radio, here it is. You get full control over calls & music with the control buttons on the top of the speaker.

Zebronics zeb county expert views

This portable speaker 57mm has large, loud sound drivers for deep bass and clear treble regardless of the volume level. With up to 10 hours of battery backup, you have a hand-free call whether at work or on the move.

However, the charging time for Zebronics Zeb county is terribly high, i.e, 4-5 hours. Another thing is, it’s not waterproof. So, you should not use it near water resources as it will damage the internal circuitry of the speaker.


  • Bluetooth, AUX & SD card support
  • Superb design & build quality
  • Excellent battery backup (10 hours)
  • Sound quality is good with above average bass
  • FM radio
  • Calling function
  • Excellent BT connectivity with zero issues
  • Cheapest portable Bluetooth speaker under Rs. 600
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not waterproof
  • Long charging time
  • Low output power

Why Buy it? I have not seen any Bluetooth speaker which is charging way less than 1000 rs but offers this many features. Starting with the sound quality and battery backup to the robust design, Zebronics Zeb County fulfils every criterion to be on this list.

What different does this speaker offer? It supports MicroSD cards and FM radio functions. Yes, it’s not splashproof & has a longer charging time, but if your budget is low, this couldn’t be any better. Oh yes, just hand it around with its handles & enjoy FM radio too!

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9. Clavier Fusion Portable Speaker (Peculiar Design)


  • 2000 mAh huge battery
  • SD card up to 32GB
  • Break-free connectivity with Bluetooth v5.0
  • LED Flashing
  • Waterproof spherical design

The next best Bluetooth speakers under rs 1000 are very stylish & attractive. It packs dual drivers and a bass diaphragm to give you a rich, room-filling sound. Its 2000mAh battery supports hours of playtime and its waterproof design opens up new possibilities for all kinds of fun. Wrapped in a spherical design with LED lights, it’s beautiful to look at and fun to hold.

Clavier Fusion Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The spherical & glossy design is superb- it’s the most shining Bluetooth speaker in the Indian market under Rs. 1000. Though the company has not mentioned the IP rating, it’s splashproof as well.

LED Flashing in multiple colours can match your lifestyle. And because it connects via Bluetooth 5.0 it’s easy to pair with virtually any smart device and stream crystal clear music from hundreds of apps. The sound quality is mind-blowing… as many people say for it.

Enjoy wonderful hours of music enjoyment by using it via Bluetooth, SD card (up to 32GB) or AUX mode. Clavier Fusion BT speaker has a 5W dual-driver and bass diaphragm for rich bass. It’s a good choice for somebody who has an active lifestyle and enjoys beautiful music.

Clavier Fusion speaker under 1000 rs

This extremely high capacity battery will ensure that you can enjoy listening to music for over 8-10 hours at a stretch. The waterproof spherical design makes it an ideal pick for travelling purposes; moreover, you can even take it for outdoor parties.

Most wireless speakers we have seen till now have a very long charging time. Clavier takes just 1.5-2 hours to fully charge – despite having a large battery size. If you’re looking for a wireless speaker for online classes, it’s better than others.


  • Bluetooth, AUX & SD card support
  • Spherical design with LED lightning
  • Excellent sound quality with bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for hassle-free connectivity & stability
  • Splashproof design
  • Button controls
  • Up to 8-10 hours battery life with less charging time
  • 1-year warranty


  • FM radio excluded
  • Mic can be better
  • Loudness is not high when watching videos

Why Buy it? Clavier Fusion Bluetooth speaker is highly recommended for a small living room. Despite being priced so less, it has awesome audio capabilities with decent bass. Battery life is just good, if not great.

Clavier did something different with LED lightning which personalizes your lifestyle. Though it does not have FM radio, you can ignore it if you’re not fond of FM. Overall a great value for money product fulfilling all essentials without burning your pocket.

   check price at amazon

10. Zebronics Zeb-Vita Wireless Speaker (Large Output Power)


  • 10W Bluetooth speaker under 1000
  • Built-in FM Radio, AUX & SD card support
  • Call function
  • Media controls
  • 52mm large driver

Do you wanna listen to music with a stereo Bluetooth speaker but at a cheap price? Listen to your favourite tunes with the Zebronics Zeb-vita Bluetooth Speaker. It features a 10W output power and built-in FM radio for all types of music. Such high output power means the coming audio will be very loud.

Enabled with state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 and built-in FM radio, Zebronics vita wireless speaker offers more flexibility than ever before. It offers the best connectivity & stability with the latest BT firmware. The overall appearance is compact, solid, nicely fit & finish.

However, these bar-shaped wireless speakers are not splashproof. Secondly, the weight of Zebronics vita is high (570 grams). Clearly, Zebronics vita is not suitable for outdoor use. But for indoors, it performs like a charm in terms of sound quality. if properly ranked, this might be one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers under 1000 rupees.

The built-in SD card reader makes it easy to bring any song you want wherever you go. It has a 52mm large driver for great sound quality, punchy bass and crisp highs. The calling function enables you to answer incoming calls without touching your phone and a convenient media control button on the side.

Zebronics zeb vita speaker image

Simply charge the battery with a Micro USB cable and enjoy more than 5 hours of playtime at medium volume. It takes 4 hours to charge, which is a bad thing. So in terms of battery dynamics, Zebronics Zeb vita might not be a viable option for you.

The points I disliked in the Zebronics vita Bluetooth speaker is its weight and that I didn’t find the USB cable inside the packaging box. But overall a great set of stereo speakers with awesome sound quality.


  • Bluetooth, AUX & SD card support
  • Stereo Bluetooth speaker
  • Superb sound quality
  • Good bass & loudness
  • Inbuilt FM radio
  • Dedicated media controls on the side
  • 10W- high output power
  • Up to 5 hours playtime
  • Call function
  • 1-year warranty


  • Short battery life
  • Bit heavy
  • Not splashproof

Why Buy it? Zebronics Zeb-vita stereo speaker performs up to the expectations in terms of sound quality, bass, design & other features. If you need one with FM radio, AUX, microSD support & calling, Zebronics vita is one & only one to fulfill it (because most other speakers are mono, not stereo). Above all, the high output power works well for small gatherings and even inside a room. Therefore, it’s a must buy.

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Conclusion | Wireless Bluetooth Speakers under 1000

We are just done with the reviews of the top 10 Bluetooth speakers below 1000 rupees in India. It’s clear to see therefore that the market for wireless speakers is saturated with a lot of different speaker brands and models, however, there is no single solution that helps you in choosing the best one.

It all depends on your priority, features and budget. We have already seen that the best Bluetooth speakers provide a great balance of sound quality, portability, durability, and affordability.

I think you can go for Mivi Roam 2 OR boAt stone 180 Bluetooth speaker. Both are highly liked by the people who used them in the past probably because of their awesome sound quality, battery, output power and features. For the smallest size, Infinity (JBL) play Pint is a great choice at this price point.

How to Choose the Right Bluetooth Speaker?

1. Sound Quality

It is the #1 factor you should keep in mind before buying any portable speaker. In India, typically all speakers come with 40mm drivers which is responsible for high-resolution audio & heavy bass. However, in the case of a low budget, this driver size might get reduced.

2. Connectivity

As the name suggests, Bluetooth speakers operate via a Bluetooth connection. Hence, you should never compromise with the Bluetooth version. It should be BT v5.0 or above. Avoid going with speakers with Bluetooth versions lower than this. It will cause connectivity & other issues.

3. Design & Waterproof

If you are going to use your Bluetooth speaker outdoors, prefer going with waterproof speakers. In India, many brands offer portable speakers which are optimized for outdoor usage with IP coating. Secondly, the main body should be made of polycarbonate or Aluminium for added strength.

4. Battery

Every Bluetooth speaker runs on its own power, i.e., with an inbuilt battery. We need to have at least 5-7 hours of power backup per charging cycle. Also, if it supports Type-C (instead of Micro-USB-A), that would be great.

5. Budget

Just because you love wireless speakers doesn’t mean you will break your bank for it. We need affordable solutions for our every need & wants, same applies to music & lifestyle. That’s why I am here with a list of the top 10 Bluetooth speakers which are available for under rs 1000.

What Features Will You Get From Wireless Speakers Under 1000?

  • 5W output power
  • Decent sound quality with punchy bass
  • 8-10 hours of battery life
  • Durable & robust design
  • IP rated waterproof
  • Lightweight, portable & easy to carry
  • Multi connectivity support- Bluetooth, AUX & MicroSD card
  • FM radio in some speakers
  • built-in microphone
  • Value for money


What is a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is a type of portable speaker that’s designed to provide high-quality sound wirelessly, using the capability of Radio Frequency (RF) transmission via Bluetooth technology. This allows you to have music playing at any time and almost anywhere without having to rely on physical wires or cables.

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes, from small and compact models that can easily fit into your pocket, to larger ones that are designed for outdoor use. Some Bluetooth speakers even come equipped with additional features like built-in lights or the ability to make phone calls.

What are some of the pros and cons of Bluetooth speakers?

The main pro of Bluetooth speakers is that they are portable, so you can use them when out and about or in different rooms of the house. A con could be that the battery dies quickly, and it can take a while for it to charge back up.

What are the benefits of using a wireless speaker?

Bluetooth speakers offer a number of advantages over traditional wired speakers, including:

1. Convenience: One of the most obvious benefits of using a Bluetooth speaker is that it’s much more convenient than having to deal with physical wires or cables. This means that you can take your speaker with you wherever you go, and set it up in seconds without having to worry about tangled cords.

2. Better sound quality: Thanks to advances in Bluetooth technology, many modern Bluetooth speakers offer better sound quality than their wired counterparts. This means that you can enjoy your music or movies with superior audio quality, without being tethered to a wall outlet.

3. Portability: Bluetooth speakers are usually much smaller and more portable than traditional wired speakers, making them easy to take with you on the go. Whether you’re heading to the beach or packing for a camping trip, a Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy your favorite tunes while on the move.

4. Enhanced features: Many Bluetooth speakers come equipped with enhanced features that aren’t available on traditional speakers, such as built-in lights or the ability to make phone calls. These additional features can add even more convenience and flexibility to your listening experience. Some models even offer FM radio and MicroSD slots for offline music streaming.

How many watts is good for a Bluetooth speaker?

The wattage of a Bluetooth speaker does not necessarily dictate the quality of the speaker. However, higher wattage generally means that the speaker can get louder. But louder sounds often result in distortion. If you are looking for a good quality Bluetooth speaker, make sure to read reviews to see what other users have to say about the sound quality.

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