12 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India (2023) | Reviews

Bluetooth speakers are a really neat invention. You can take it with you when you travel and it’s perfect for any occasion: a party, BBQs, camping, etc.

It also comes in different sizes, shapes and colors which means they are fit for everyone’s taste.

I’ve tried some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 in India and compiled this list with some of the best wireless speakers you can find on the market today.

best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 in India reviews

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India (Reviews)

Wireless Speakers under 3000:Links (Amazon)
boAt Stone 1200 CHECK PRICE
Tribit XSound Go CHECK PRICE
Mi Bluetooth speaker CHECK PRICE
Zoook Color Blast CHECK PRICE
boAt Stone 1000 CHECK PRICE
boAt PartyPal 50 CHECK PRICE
FLiX (Beetel) Tripper CHECK PRICE
boAt Stone SpinX CHECK PRICE
Philips Multimedia 2.1 CHECK PRICE
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1. boAt Stone 1200 Wireless Speaker (Rich-in features)

boAt Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker

The boAt Stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker is a great option for those looking for a powerful and immersive sound experience. The speaker delivers 14W of stereo sound, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings.

The two drivers are made up of 13mm each allowing them to produce deep bass without distortion, making this ideal for those who love listening to music while out walking or jogging, etc. So if you are looking for the best portable Bluetooth speakers under 3000 with high bass, here it is.

The speaker also has an impressive battery life, with up to 9 hours of playback time without the RGB LEDs and up to 9 hours with them (at 60% volume).

When I turn on the LED lights, which are by far one of this speaker’s most beautiful features and make a great addition to any room or outdoor gathering space.

Additionally, the Stone 1200 is IPX7 splashproof and comes with a carry strap, making it easy to take with you on the go. If you like to carry your speakers in the pool or at a beach, then these are perfect for you.

The speaker also has multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth v5.0, AUX, USB, and FM. And its smooth integrated controls make it easy to adjust volume, tracks, and play/pause functions.

Overall, the boAt Stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker is a great option for those who are looking for a powerful and convenient way to enjoy their music.


  • Delivers a powerful 14W stereo sound
  • Battery life of up to 9 hours (at 60% volume)
  • IPX7 splashproof and comes with a carry strap
  • Multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth v5.0, AUX, USB, FM
  • Smooth integrated controls make it easy to use
  • TWS feature to pair additional speakers for 2x effect
  • Calls & voice assistants enabled


  • Some users may find the charging time too long (4hrs).
  • The speaker can be a bit heavy and bulky compared to other options.

Why Buy it?The boAt Stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker is a great option for those who want to enjoy their music without hassle. It has an easy-to-use design with integrated controls, long battery life that can last up to 12 hours on one charge (depending on how much you listen), and multiple connectivity options including AUX cable so it’s perfect if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth built in! The only downside might be charging time, which some users may find too slow, but overall this product offers excellent value at its price point.

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2. JBL Go 3 Portable Speaker (Easy to Carry)

JBL Go 3 is a great Bluetooth speaker that offers excellent sound quality and portability. The IP67 water- and dust-resistant design makes it ideal for use in a wide range of environments, from camping trips to outdoor parties.

JBL Go 3 Portable Speaker

It is the perfect solution for those who love music but hate bulky speakers. This portable wireless speaker with its compact design and rugged build makes it easy to take anywhere, including on your travels!

Connectivity via Bluetooth v5.1 lets you enjoy seamless connections that won’t exhibit laggy behaviour so there will be no interruptions when listening through this device at home or outside of town – just pure enjoyable sound quality every moment thanks to 4W output power.

The quick-connect feature ensures that there is no lag or delay when streaming music or watching movies, while the anti-shine color palette is a nice touch that helps this speaker stand out from the crowd.

JBL Go 3 Speaker under 3K

However, one downside of the JBL Go 3 is that it does not have an in-built microphone, which means you cannot take calls or talk through it.

Additionally, there is no support for voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, which may be an issue for some users. Despite these drawbacks, I would definitely recommend the JBL Go 3 to anyone looking for a high-quality Bluetooth speaker that offers great sound and portability.

You can enjoy up to 5 hours of battery backup with the best audio settings and 2.5 charging time thanks to its powerful rechargeable battery! Though the charging time is low as compared to boAt Stone 1200, I am not very impressed with the 5 hour battery life- it could be better.


  • Compact and rugged designs make it easy for the speaker easy to transport and durable enough to withstand frequent use.
  • Bluetooth v5.1 ensures seamless connectivity with no lag or interruptions during music playback.
  • The quick-connect feature allows for quick, stable streaming of music and movies.
  • JBL Pro Sound for crystal clear sound quality
  • Enjoy signature JBL bass without any distortion
  • The anti-shine color palette gives the speaker a unique look that helps it stand out from the competition.


  • The lack of an in-built microphone means that users cannot take calls or use voice assistants through the speaker.
  • There is no support for voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant.
  • Battery life could be better – only offers 5 hours of playback on a single charge.

Why Buy it? Overall, the JBL Go 3 is a great Bluetooth speaker that offers excellent sound quality and portability. The IP67 water- and dust-resistant design makes it ideal for use in a wide range of environments, from camping trips to outdoor parties.

While there are some drawbacks – such as the lack of an in-built microphone and support for voice assistants – these are outweighed by the speaker’s many strengths, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, portable wireless speaker.

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3. Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker (Massive Battery Life)

Tribit XSound Go speaker

The new XSound Go portable Bluetooth speaker is ideal for all kinds of adventures: from taking it near water sources, to beach and poolside parties. These rugged wireless speakers can take a beating if accidents happen, but will keep playing your favourite music anyway!

With up to 24 hours of battery life with an exterior coating that makes them resistant against scratches as well dust particles, these units have everything you need.

This portable wireless device is ideal if you want a rugged but good sounding solution that won’t break or sustain any damage – even after being dropped onto concrete from waist height (and surviving)!

With rich bass and crystal clear highs, the Tribit XSound Go offers a full-bodied sound that will tickle your ears.

Tribit XSound Go in my hand

It’s equipped with dual high performance drivers as well passive radiators pumping out crisp mids & deep smooth tunes for an immersive experience you’ll want to hear over again without ever getting bored!

The portable wireless speaker also features Bluetooth 5.0 technology and AUX input so users can stream music directly from their smartphone or tablet.

With up to 24 hours of battery life, you won’t run out of power while partaking in all your adventures. Whether it’s going camping with friends or cooking away at home during those long winter nights, this Tribit Bluetooth speaker can take care of everything.

The built-in microphone lets me make hands free calls and even use voice commands for controlling the phone which is perfect because people are looking more towards wireless speakers nowadays that have microphones.


  • Rugged and durable design makes the speaker resistant to damage, even after being dropped or exposed to water.
  • Long battery life provides up to 24 hours of playback, making it ideal for outdoor activities and long listening sessions.
  • 16W of huge output power
  • 3.5mm AUX support to connect TVs & PCs
  • Fully IPX7 water & dustproof
  • Built-in microphones for calls & voice controls


  • The sound quality may not be as good as some more expensive wireless speakers, particularly at high volume levels.
  • Some users may find that the speaker takes too long to fully charge (4+ hrs).

Why Buy it?  The Tribit XSound Go is a great option for anyone looking for a durable, portable Bluetooth speaker with long battery life. Although the sound quality may not be beaudiophile-grade, it is still good enough for most listeners and should be more than adequate for casual listening and use at social gatherings.

The built-in microphone is also a nice touch, allowing for hands-free calls and voice control on your smart device. Overall, the XSound Go is a great choice for those in need of a rugged, reliable Bluetooth speaker that won’t break the bank.

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4. Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Cheapest under 3K)


  • Dual EQ Modes: Normal & bass mode
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • AUX support & TWS mode for stereo effect.
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • 16W output power

The Mi Wireless Speaker is a powerhouse sound system in a compact body. Its IPX7 waterproof design makes it the perfect travel companion for trips, hikes and long parties.

The convenient loop strip makes it easy to bring the beat wherever you go, and its unique design gives it a stylish look – the same as a water bottle. I will give 10/10 when it comes to the build quality.

I am ready to stretch a bit more. Show me top portable Bluetooth speakers under 4000 rs

Listen to music all day long with the latest Mi wireless speaker. Featuring a compact and travel-friendly design, it beats the competition with its rich sound quality & flexibility to choose bass & non-bass mode. The sound quality of this speaker is superb, i.e, clear & rich in this segment.

With dual EQ modes, you can choose either normal mode or bass mode depending on your preferences, while TWS pairing lets you pair two speakers at the same time for high-quality stereo sound. The 3.5mm auxiliary port lets us enjoy music wirelessly at any time when we are outdoors or indoors.

Mi Bluetooth speaker in outdoor

Mi portable Bluetooth speaker features a microphone with voice assistant Support for hands-free calls or summoning your voice assistant directly. If you need a BT speaker with call support or need to summon Alexa for weather forecasts, a Mi speaker is good for you.

A powerful 2600mAh battery provides an excellent music playback time of 5-7 hours at 60% volume on a full charge.

I am very disappointed with the battery life of the Mi wireless Bluetooth speaker, it could have been better. But since it’s the cheapest wireless speaker you can buy for under 3000 in India, we can still manage it.


  • designed for trips, hikes and long parties
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • A convenient loop strip makes it easy to bring the beat wherever you go.
  • Compact design is the same as a water bottle
  • AUX support
  • Uniquely designed powerful 16W speaker
  • TWS mode to pair 2 Mi speakers at the same time for stereo effect
  • Dual EQ Modes: Normal & bass mode
  • Good sound quality with thumping effect
  • Built-in Microphone with Voice Assistant Support
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • 5-7 hours battery life at 60% volume
  • 1-year warranty


  • Battery life is not so good
  • Little heavy (400g)
  • No FM radio function

Why Buy it? Mi Bluetooth has many positives but negatives as well. When it comes to its robust build quality & sound quality (especially dual bass modes), you can’t question its calibre. However, they did the cost-cutting in the battery part. However, if you want it for outdoor use, it will never disappoint you (even if you use it in your room, it’s too loud to handle).

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5. Zoook Color Blast Wireless Speaker (Deep Bass)


  • 2x57mm drivers for deep bass
  • 4000 mAh giant battery
  • 30W high output power
  • AUX, MicroSD enabled & hands-free calling
  • IPX rated splashproof & strong build quality

Zoook Color Blast wireless Bluetooth speaker under 3000 in India

Listen to music on the beach with the Zoook color blast water-resistant speaker. The Zoook Color Blast is an ultra-portable, water-resistant outdoor speaker that supports Bluetooth 5.0 and a 3.5mm jack for all your devices.

Featuring a splash proof IP rating, it can be taken almost anywhere outdoors, whether it’s relaxing poolside or playing in the rain. With two 57mm drivers and a 30W high output power, the Color Blast provides you with a clear stereo sound that won’t let you down!

With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this budget Bluetooth speaker can connect seamlessly with all your devices. No wires. No tangles. Just pure freedom. The sound is loud enough to boom the room.

The Zoook color Blast is a rugged wireless speaker with a splashproof design for pool parties, camping trips and more. Colour changing lights create a visual light show in sync with the music for parties & events.

With the 57 mm stereo drivers, you’ll get deep bass. For your freedom, there are five buttons on the top to control music playback as well – one to play and pause, the next track, and previous track.

The peculiar thing in the Zoook Color Bluetooth speaker is the SOS Alarm function. You can enable it in case of any emergency. After all, it depends on your requirements, as it supports AUX & MicroSD (TF card) support.

This next-generation wireless speaker supports hands-free calling, delivers stereo sound with deep bass and looks good while doing it! Definitely worth paying for this high bass Bluetooth speaker, in my opinion.

I have a big budget. Show me all portable speakers under 5000

Made from high-quality materials, it features a speakerphone and voice controls for extra convenience. The durable plastic shell means that this speaker will be with you for many years to come!

With its 4000 mAh big battery life lasting up to 10 hours, this speaker makes for the perfect adventure companion. Having so many features takes it to the list of top 5 Bluetooth speakers under 3000 in India.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 for better stability & connectivity
  • Powerful stereo sound with an immersive feeling (no distortion)
  • Hands-free calling & voice assistant support (Siri & Google)
  • Deep & heavy bass
  • 30W high output power
  • AUX & MicroSD support
  • IPX rated splashproof & strong build quality
  • SOS alarm function
  • Elegant Color Changing Lights to match your mood
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 1-year warranty


  • Might not be good for outdoors (690g weight)
  • No FM radio

Why Buy it? Honestly speaking, I didn’t find too many drawbacks in the Zoook color wireless speaker. It’s a great combination of deep bass, distortion-free sound and other features. Battery life is also good if you listen at optimum volume. If you want to get it for small gatherings, small house parties or just to rock your room, it couldn’t be any better.

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6. boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker


  • 14W stereo speaker
  • Rugged design & robust build quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & AUX connectivity
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • 3000 mAh battery size

boAt Stone 1000 speaker

boAt is known for offering the top Bluetooth speakers under 3000, in every aspect. boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth speaker is designed to produce an excellent sound and music experience with a powerful 14W stereo speaker.

Since boAt stone 1000 has been built with high-quality components and is made using rugged design & robust build quality, this wireless Bluetooth speaker should last long even with continuous usage.

This ruggedly designed and robustly built music system comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology paired with AUX connectivity options, and delivers deep bass and full-range drivers, making blissful auditory possible.

Show me all BT speakers for 1500 rs

The onboard button controls offer easy operation, which allows changing volume, tracks, play/pause music, etc., anytime. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty period. boAt stone 1000 also comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, so if your phone supports it, you can use it for streaming music.

boAt Stone 1000 unboxing

It also has an onboard AUX port to play your favourite music directly with the help of a 3.5mm Audio cable without having to rely on BT connectivity. This speaker is IPX5 rated waterproof so you can use it in absurd weather conditions also.

The new offering from boAt also provides users with extreme portable amplification and a battery life of up to 8 hours, thanks to its proprietary capacitor technology. However, it could be better. Also, I didn’t its long charging time, it’s 4 hours (terrible!).


  • 14W stereo speaker
  • Rugged design & robust build quality & is durable
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & AUX connectivity
  • Blissful auditory with full-range drivers
  • Deep bass
  • Onboard button controls for smooth operation, easy to change volume, tracks, play/pause music.
  • 8 hours battery backup
  • 1-year warranty


  • Charging time is 4 hours, which is very high
  • Volume resets to normal levels when switched off and turned on
  • Very bulky (1.4 kg)

Why Buy it? If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for outdoor, stay away from boAt Stone 1000. It doesn’t fit as it’s too bulky. However, for a combination of better sound, bass & long-lasting design, you can still prefer it. High powered dual speakers will never disappoint you with amazing sound quality. (Provided you can afford the ultra-long charging time, I got frustrated with it).

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More Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000:

7. boAt PartyPal 50 Stereo Speaker (For Home Party)

boAt PartyPal 50 wireless speaker

Didn’t you like the boat Bluetooth speakers under 3000 that we introduced earlier? The boAt PartyPal speaker is a portable, water-resistant Bluetooth device that’s perfect for any occasion! Its integrated controls and mic make it easy to take calls or control your favorite music apps without having hassle with other devices.

The boAt Partypal 50 wireless speakers are a great way to enjoy your music on the go. This speaker features Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity and is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Plus you’ll love all of the amazing features this nifty little package has including dynamic RGB lights in three different colors.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 4.5 hours of playback time, so you can keep the party going all night long. The Playback time however is less than satisfying and charging takes just as long (4+ hour).

The Partypal 50 also features a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, making it easy to stay connected while you’re on the go. Overall, the boAt Partypal 50 is a great option for anyone who loves to listen to music while they’re on the move. You can also use the FM radio function or even query about news and scores with voice assistants!


  • Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries for up to 4.5 hours of playback time
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Multiple connectivity options, including FM radio and voice assistants
  • Water-resistant design for worry-free use


  • Playback time is somewhat disappointing
  • The charging time is 4+ hours, which is quite long.

Why Buy it? The boAt Partypal 50 wireless speaker is a great option for anyone who needs an easy way to listen to their music on the go. Bluetooth connectivity is a great feature, and having a built-in rechargeable battery means you don’t have to worry about running out of power. The only downside is that some users may find charging time a little long, but overall this is a great choice for a portable speaker.

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8. FLix (Beetel) Tripper Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Loud)


  • 31W output power
  • Up to 12 hours battery life (2200 mAh)
  • IPX7 water & dustproof
  • Comparatively lightweight & easy to carry
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0

FLiX (Beetel) Tripper Bluetooth speaker

FLix (Beetel) tripper isn’t your average Bluetooth speaker. While it’s beautiful on the outside, it is packed with powerful features on the inside.

The stylish and powerful FLix (Beetel) tripper Bluetooth speaker adds a touch of class, wherever you go. Its 31W output with super loud sound with Deep Bass will make you the talk of the party. Comparatively lightweight and easy to carry, Flix is the ultimate companion for all your outdoor activities.

Whether you’re by the pool or lake, having a barbecue with friends or just listening to your favourite music, the FLix (Beetel) tripper Bluetooth speaker takes your tunes to the next level. It’s IPX7 water-resistant, meaning it can withstand getting soaked for up to 30 minutes in water.

FLiX (Beetel) Tripper outdoor use

This unique design enables you to make and take calls out loud from your phone or tablet wirelessly with its built-in mic – perfect for when you don’t want to miss an important call but have no way of hearing it over your music.

With its deep bass and powerful sound, you can enjoy intensely loud music and crystal clear vocals, even on a crowded street corner. Whether poolside, at the beach, in a park, or on a camping trip with friends – this portable Bluetooth speaker will always get you and your friends dancing!

With a 2200 mAh battery that gives up to 12 hours battery life, take it out on a day trip or to the beach and listen to your favourite music without any interruptions. The only thing I didn’t like about the Tripper speaker is that the audio quality distorts a little above 80% volume.


  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0
  • 31W output with super loud sound with Deep Bass
  • Inbuilt Mic so you can take calls any time
  • IPX7 water & dustproof, listen to music anytime, anywhere
  • Comparatively lightweight & easy to carry
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • 400 days warranty


  • Audio distortion at extreme volumes
  • No FM or USB port, it’s still using old USB cable

Why Buy it? FLix Tripper is an above-average wireless speaker with better sound with great loudness to boom your home. No complaint about its bass or sound quality. Even the design is great and you can use it anywhere you want. If you want to attend calls, it’s good. But I observed little audio distortion at 90% volume, which is normal in many speakers. Rest everything looks good.

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9. boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 Wireless Speaker (Best For Domestic use)


  • Bluetooth, AUX & SD card connectivity
  • 40mm drivers
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Dual passive radiators

The boAt Stone SpinX Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect companion for your morning commutes to work, fun-filled picnics with friends & family, pool parties, late-night barbecues and the Fourth of July!

boAt Stone SpinX white Bluetooth wireless speaker

Its ergonomic design with a cylindrical shape offers great sound quality and portable battery life so you can take it to any place of your choice and enjoy your music.

The Stone SpinX comes packed with features such as integrated Bluetooth technology, SD card slot and AUX port. Enjoy crystal clear audio reproduction from its 40mm drivers. Made from durable ABS and Fabric Grill, this wireless speaker is shockproof as well.

The device is IPX6 water-resistant, which means that you can even take it to an outing as it will not break even if accidental water splashes over it or if you accidentally drop it in a pool of water. These integrated controls on the body give you full control over music:

boAt Stone SpinX integrated button controls

The 10 watts RMS (10 watts per channel) output power with TWS feature help it fill up a room with merrily mid-range beats, perfect for enhancing the audio content of movies, games, music and other stuff from your smartphone, tablet or laptop at home or out on a picnic.

Also, connect two speakers with one device through the TWS feature to enjoy more powerful music output at home. Because of its mini size, this Bluetooth wireless speaker can easily be carried anywhere without adding extra weight to your backpack or luggage.

Pro Tip: The TWS feature enables you to connect two Stone SpinX speakers together so you can party hard without worrying about cables!

This cylindrical/spherical speaker packs a massive 40mm driver along with 10 watts average output power and passive radiators for a wireless experience like no other. Enjoy crystal clear audio quality reproduction.

Let your music fill the air with the boAt Stone SpinX wireless speaker. A 4000mAh battery provides you with 6-7 hours of continuous music for your pleasure. The charging time is 3.5 hours.


  • Bluetooth, AUX & SD card connectivity
  • 40mm drivers for crystal clear audio reproduction
  • Decent bass
  • 10 watts average output power
  • TWS feature to connect 2 speakers at once
  • Dual passive radiators for enthralling beats
  • Ergonomic, portable and cylindrical design
  • Shock proof design made from ABS & Fabric Grill
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • 6-7 hours battery backup
  • 1-year warranty


  • Average battery life
  • Low Bluetooth range

Why Buy it? For a music lover, boAt SpinX 2.0 speaker will meet all the requirements, be it the sound quality or the bass. The design is really high quality & rigid. But I didn’t like the battery life, it’s less than other boAt speakers (but still not worst). If you are looking for a general speaker for domestic use, you can definitely opt for it without any hesitation.

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10. Philips Audio Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker (Home Audio)


  • 2.1 Home multimedia system
  • 31W output power
  • USB, AUX input & FM radio
  • Perfect for MP3, PC, TV

The Philips Multimedia Speakers are a great way to enjoy rich stereo sound in your living room. The 2.1 channel system includes two subwoofers and a speaker. The USB, AUX input, and FM radio allow you to enjoy a wide range of formats without the need to connect to an external source.

Philips Multimedia 2.1 home wireless speaker system

The wireless music streaming via Bluetooth allows you to play your favourite music in high quality. The easy-to-use remote control makes it even easier to select songs and change settings.

Fill your home with great sound, with the Philips Multimedia Speaker! Connect your favourite devices and enjoy the crisp and clear sound, without disturbing the rest of the house.

The 2.1 system works in sync to deliver stereo sound, while the subwoofer gives that extra boost. It also has a multi-connector so you can plug in more than one USB device. Let your favourite songs be heard, with this quality speaker system.

It has a 31W peak power output so your music sounds as it should. The 3D audio effect helps capture the excitement of the recording.

Philips Multimedia 2.1 in your home

There is an SD card slot for you to easily access music from your MP3 player or mobile phone, as well as an auxiliary input for other music sources. Such flexibility to stream music propels this to be on the list of best portable Bluetooth speakers under 3k for home systems.

The accompanying remote control lets you regulate the speaker’s volume and adjust sound settings, including treble and bass levels.

This multimedia speaker also offers an FM radio that allows you to enjoy your favourite radio stations hassle-free!


  • Easy installation, lightweight and excellent Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2.1 Home multimedia system
  • 2 subwoofer with 15W output power & 4″ driver size
  • USB, AUX input & FM radio
  • Perfect for MP3, PC, TV
  • Easy remote control
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • 1-year warranty


  • Negligible bass
  • Short wire length

Why Buy it? If you need a wireless multimedia speaker for your home, this Philips audio system is perfect on the budget of Rs. 3000. It gives you multiple options to stream music with mobile, TV or PC. The sound quality is awesome, no question on that part. However, don’t expect too deep bass. 

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11. Zebronics Zeb Multimedia Speaker System (Home Audio)


  • 2.1 Channel Speaker
  • 34W total output power
  • Supports USB Pendrive & MicroSD card
  • FM radio
  • Volume, bass & treble adjustment
  • LED display & remote control

Zebronics Zeb Multimedia 2.1 wireless speaker

The Zebronics Zeb Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker is full of features. It has 34W total output power, 2.1 channel speakers. You can enjoy good quality audio output with its digital sound processor (DSP).

It supports USB Pendrive & micro sd card, hands-free function and FM radio. By inserting a microSD card or USB drive, you can play stored music directly from those devices. The LED display with the remote gives you control over the volume, bass and treble settings.

The Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker by ZEB is a complete package of powerful audio output, multiple connectivity options and a classy design. Featuring an impressive 34W total power output; the Multimedia Bluetooth speaker ensures the best audio experience you can ever have on a portable speaker!

This Zebronics Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker’s sleek body is crafted with advanced technology using high-quality plastics. A sleek, clean design with either a glossy or matte surface finishes off the Zebronics Zeb Bluetooth multimedia speaker, making it an eye-catcher for your home or office.

This speaker is compatible with every media source such as smartphones, TV or desktops. With a powerful 2.1 Channel Sound System, it also works great for PC speakers. Listen to music on these speakers with the remote control and LED display on the front of the unit.


  • 2.1 Channel Speaker
  • 34W total output power
  • Supports USB Pendrive & MicroSD card
  • FM radio
  • Volume, bass & treble adjustment
  • LED display & remote control
  • Classy design with high glossy front panels
  • 1-year warranty


  • Only for home use, not for outdoor use
  • Remote control issue faced by a few people

Why Buy it? In case you didn’t like the Philips home audio system (discussed just before), you can go with Zebronics Bluetooth 2.1 speakers. They are a perfect example of loudspeakers, as the output power is high. The sound quality is good, and the bass is also better than the Philips 2.1. It’s highly preferred for your home if you are on a tight budget.

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12. Zebronics Zeb Music Box Portable Speaker (Big Battery)


  • 4000 mAh battery
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Multi-connectivity: BT, USB Pendrive, AUX & MicroSD
  • Stylish & Premium built​
  • Powerful 45mm drivers

Zebronics Zeb Music Box portabe speaker under 3K

The Zebronics Zeb Music Box Portable Speaker is a compact and portable speaker that can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device with a maximum range of 10 meters. It has got an IPX7 waterproof feature so you can even use it in the rain listening to your favourite track.

The Zeb Music Box has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm AUX in (cable included), plus a Type-C port for music playback from portable devices such as smartphones and computers. It includes a metal hook for easy carrying, such that you can use it outdoors comfortably and without fear of losing.

The elegant build includes great details like the 9 colour lighting modes, allowing you to set your own mood as you listen. It’s a stylish and modern device that’s perfect for listening to music at home or on the go.

Zebronics Zeb Music Box beautifully playing music outdoor

The Zeb Music Box also has a built-in microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls or record voice notes or voice memos right on your smartphone.

The mic quality is very good for calling & meetings. The device also gives you the option of connecting a USB pen drive, microSD card or even an AUX cord. However, there is no FM function.

The speaker has a 4000 mAh battery capacity. Now with up to 20 hours of playback time at 50% volume, this truly is the all-around device for any time, anywhere listening.


  • Seamless connection between all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Multi-connectivity: BT, USB Pendrive, AUX & MicroSD
  • Stylish & Premium built​
  • Metal hook for easy carrying
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Good sound quality & bass
  • 20W Portable Speaker
  • 9 RGB Lights modes
  • Up to 20H Playback Time at 50% Volume​
  • Modern type-C charging
  • 1-year warranty


  • No FM radio or Google Assistant
  • Bass is okay, but not too heavy or deep

Why Buy it? If you want a budget Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality, compact size, flexibility and battery life, the Zebronics Music box will work for you. But if you have a compulsion to deep & heavy bass, you can safely skip it & look for other options. Overall, it’s easy to carry and you can use it both indoor & outdoor.

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Conclusion | Bluetooth Speakers Below 3000 in India

We have listed the best portable Bluetooth speakers with under 3000 rs available on the market. We have also described the features of each one so that you can get an idea about all the specs and aspects before you make your purchase. We also included information on which speaker is best and under which circumstances.

As you can see, there are multiple top rated Bluetooth speakers on the market that offer reliable performance. Our top picks offer sound quality that rivals the best-wired brands, while others provide a surprising range of features packed into their compact frames.

We hope that you’ve found our guide to choosing Bluetooth speakers useful. If you’re still confused, you can straightforwardly go with boAt Stone 1200 OR JBL Go 3 and close the deal. Both these products have received excellent user reviews on the ground of build quality, sound & battery life.


How to play audio from laptop to Bluetooth speaker?

The best way to play audio from your laptop to a Bluetooth speaker is to pair the two devices and begin playing your audio. You will typically need to enter a code on both devices in order for the pairing process to be completed. Once connected, you should be able to stream music and other sounds directly from your laptop through the Bluetooth speaker.

If you are having trouble pairing your laptop and Bluetooth speaker, it may be helpful to check the device specifications or user manual for specific instructions on how to pair these two devices. Additionally, there are a number of different software programs designed to make the process of playing audio from your laptop through a Bluetooth speaker easier and more streamlined.

Can Alexa be used as a Bluetooth speaker?

You can use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker, although this functionality is not officially supported by Amazon. Some users have been able to successfully enable this feature by modifying their Alexa settings or using third-party software tools. However, there may be some limitations on the audio quality and range of connectivity when using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker. If you are interested in exploring this option, it is recommended that you do some research online to find instructions or tutorials on how to set this up.

How do I reset my Bluetooth speaker?

There are a few different steps you can take to reset your Bluetooth speaker, depending on the specific model and brand of speaker that you have. The most common approach is to hold down the power button for several seconds until the device turns off and then turn it back on again. You may also be able to reset your Bluetooth speaker by using special software tools or connecting it to a computer with a USB cable. Before attempting to reset your Bluetooth speaker, make sure to consult the user manual or manufacturer’s website for specific instructions or troubleshooting tips.

Why Are Bluetooth Speakers So Much on Demand in India?

According to Statista, the Bluetooth speaker market is expected to grow annually by 6.05% (CAGR) in 2022-2026.

You can use Bluetooth audio speakers in lots of different ways. At home, when you’re cooking in the kitchen or sitting outside enjoying the sun, a great speaker doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

After all, if you’re barbecuing or making a mess (depending on your cooking skills) you don’t want super-expensive Bluetooth speakers. At the same time, you don’t want speakers that are so cheap they fall apart after a few uses either.

When it comes to portable music, Bluetooth speakers lead it from the front. You can play music from your laptop, phone or tablet and listen to your favourite songs anywhere.

Sure, you can also connect a wired speaker up to your device via the headphone jack but that doesn’t mean you should do that.

Bluetooth technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the years and has allowed for huge sound quality improvements. There are plenty of interesting features in modern Bluetooth speakers that make them worth a look if you want a new way to enjoy your favourite tunes.

How To Select The Right Wireless Speaker?

Though we have a detailed buying guide for Bluetooth speakers, here’s the summary:

1. Design & Build Quality

Think about how you want to use your speaker. Do you want something portable enough to take with you? Or do you just want something small enough to rest on a shelf at home?

Some speakers are water-resistant or rugged and can withstand more punishment than others. If you’re looking for something to travel with, look for something waterproof so it doesn’t get damaged if it gets rained on or dipped in a pool.

2. Convenience

This is probably the best thing about Bluetooth speakers: they are convenient. You can connect them with your smartphone, and then stream music directly from it. Whether you are going to use it at home or need it when you’re out and about, this is one of the most useful features of a Bluetooth speaker.

It is best to choose the compact and lightweight product since it is easier for you to carry around and install anywhere even in places that are quite tight compared to other products.

man using speaker for music

3. Music quality

One thing that’s incredibly important to most of us is the quality of sound we get when we listen to our favourite songs. The quality of sound depends on how well the speaker channels the sounds.

The quality of sound that comes out of a Bluetooth speaker is way better than what comes out of your phone’s speakers because the speaker itself has more power and better sound channels than your phone does. This means that you’ll get great sound wherever you use your Bluetooth speaker.

4. Microphone & Calling

Bluetooth speakers with built-in microphones can make it easier to take calls, listen to podcasts and send voice messages. So before finalising anything, make sure it has an inbuilt mic to handle voice calls & meetings.

5. Battery Life

The battery life of a Bluetooth speaker is an important consideration. You don’t want to be stuck with a dead speaker right in the middle of a party or other special occasion, and you don’t want to have to constantly recharge the device.

The length of time your battery will last between charges is another important consideration when choosing a speaker. Most models offer at least eight hours of continuous play, but if this isn’t long enough for your purposes, then look for wireless speakers with even bigger batteries inside them.

6. Budget

Think about how much you’re willing to spend on a Bluetooth speaker. If you plan on using it often, consider spending more on higher quality sound.

Generally speaking, a budget of Rs. 2500-3000 for a Bluetooth speaker is a good average price point for a good quality Bluetooth speaker. If something is significantly cheaper or more expensive than that, there’s probably a reason why. But which Bluetooth speaker is best for under 3000 rupees? Let’s reveal the exact list!