is Bluetooth Speaker Allowed on Plane in India? Yes & No!

I had asked around for some time about whether a Bluetooth Speaker is allowed in flight or not. A lot of replies I got said that it was completely fine, but just the week before last I have been denied from taking a Bluetooth speaker with me at the security check.

The Bluetooth speaker is basically a speaker that can be played via Bluetooth. So they are basically portable speakers. And they are not as big as the normal boombox or larger speakers. I am going to share my knowledge about whether portable Bluetooth speakers are allowed on airplanes within India.

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Is Bluetooth Speaker Allowed on Flights in India?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth devices on airplanes. Airlines are not banning them, the Ministry of Civil Aviation is not banning them.

Most Indian airlines allow you to bring on board a portable Bluetooth speaker as long as it is turned off while the plane is in flight.

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However, during the personal security check just before boarding the flight, you might be asked to play it. This is to ensure that it doesn’t carry a bomb inside.

I turned it on when I went through security and it played just fine, so it didn’t seem to be an issue with the airport.

Are Bluetooth Speakers Allowed in Checked Baggage?

Any electronic gadget that carries Lithium batteries inside is disallowed during check-in luggage. Common examples are: power bank, mobiles, laptops, and so on. Lithium is a substance that’s already banned from checked luggage and any device that contains it.

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But can you pack the Bluetooth speaker in checked luggage? Coming with Bluetooth speakers, they have batteries in them. So technically, they are not allowed in your checked in baggage. However, they can be carried on board the plane with you.

According to TripAdvisor forum, many people have confirmed that they have been doing it for years.

Are Portable Speakers Allowed in Hand Luggage?

Portable speakers are allowed in hand luggage. If a speaker has a built-in battery, it cannot exceed 100 watt hours. If the battery is removable, each spare battery must be individually protected to prevent short circuits.

As you know, there are certain rules and regulations regarding what can and cannot be brought on an airplane. You should always check with your carrier before bringing anything that is questionable or could cause a problem at the airport.

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Regulations for hand luggage are determined by the Indian government and are the same for all airlines. There are no restrictions on portable speakers in hand luggage as long as they meet the size requirements.

Can I play Music With Wireless Speakers Inside Plane?

You can play music on wireless speakers during flight as long as the volume is not disturbing other passengers, but it is better not to use them at takeoff and landing because the safety instructions have to be audible. This is a general rule that you have to follow if you want to listen to music on any device.

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It’s true that Bluetooth doesn’t use the same frequencies as cell phones, and those frequencies are the ones they’re worried about on airplanes. But the problem with playing music on a plane is not the cell phone or Bluetooth interference with the radio signals; it’s the fact that your music could bother other passengers.

It is considered disrespectful to other passengers for you to be listening to music without headphones, even if your music player is only transmitting over Bluetooth and not using radio waves.

Can We Carry Wireless Speakers on International Flights?

You can carry a wireless speaker on an international flight. To avoid issues, please ensure it’s in your carry-on luggage and is switched off during the flight.

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But if you’re traveling with a speaker, the TSA may disallow it if they feel it could be used as a weapon.

For example, in the U.S., the TSA has stopped people from carrying air horns and other compressed air devices on planes because of their potential to be used as weapons. The TSA also prohibits box cutters, brass knuckles and knives, which might not surprise you.

However, in case you’re wondering about musical instruments, there is some good news for musicians: The TSA does allow passengers to travel with small instruments like flutes and violins so long as they fit within TSA guidelines for carry-on luggage size.

So can you fly with a Bluetooth speaker internationally? If you’re unsure whether your carry-on item will clear airport security, contact your airline or the Transportation Security Administration before flying.