How Much watt Bluetooth Speaker is Good? Think Before Buying

Before we buy any gadget, we do some basic research like its features, pros & cons, pricing & technology. The same follows for Bluetooth speakers as well. But you might miss one critical factor which you shouldn’t be.

Today, we’re going to answer how much watt Bluetooth speaker is good for your requirements. Most people overlook the power of portable speakers & later they find that it does not meet the expectation.

But before jumping, what does the power in portable speakers depicts? How does it relate to the output power? What could be the consequences of choosing a low watt Bluetooth speaker & saving money?

All About Wattage of Bluetooth Speakers

The output power of any electronic device is measured in wattage. Same for portable speakers. Since they run on inbuilt battery power, it is usually less as compared to the traditional wired speakers.

The thumb rule is, higher the wattage, the louder the sound will be. The amplitude will be high. Hence, choosing a Bluetooth speaker with higher wattage will cover a larger area than low power speakers.

The drawback of selecting BT speakers with more wattage is the battery consumption. Since the output power is high, it will drain the battery faster. If you choose to listen at low volume, you might end up getting a little extra battery backup.

For a larger room, you can choose 20 watts Bluetooth speaker. For personal use, 5 watts portable speakers are great. In India, we have wireless Bluetooth speakers starting from 3W to 20W.

Choosing Wireless Speakers for Party & Outdoor

Suppose you are outdoor with 11 friends. And now if you play music with a 5W or 3W wireless speaker, it won’t make any sense. It will pour unnoticeable sound as compared to your friends’ noise. What do you have to do?

But how many watts wireless speaker is good for the party? For party & outdoor, you will need a high watt BT speaker with loudness. Typically, you should choose a 30 watts power speaker to make an impact.

girl and boy rejoicing outdoor with wireless portable speakers

For small gatherings, a 14W to 20W portable speaker might sound good. But please, don’t buy 5W or 3W Bluetooth speakers for parties & outdoor. It is going to disappoint you the hard way.

What Should be the Power of Bluetooth Speaker for Personal Use?

If you usually listen to the news, songs, cricket commentary, shows & series, don’t spend extra bucks behind wireless speakers coming with high power. You don’t need that.

Coming to the point, personal use means you are going to use it inside the room. So, Bluetooth speakers with 5 watts of power are good for your requirement. It won’t burn your pocket, but avoid buying speakers below 5W at all costs.

Choosing low power speakers would save you money & energy. You will get a decent battery backup which will last for days.

Best Wattage For Bluetooth speaker (for Home)

Well, so 2 things are clear by now: for outdoor use, go for a 30W speaker & for personal use, a 5W wireless speaker is great. But what about home use which consisted of multiple rooms? For home use, you should not go below 40 watts.wireless speaker for home If you stream news or music in one room, it should be loud enough in the adjacent room. If you buy 5W BT speakers, the sound would fade away as soon as you leave the room. Also, 40 watts speakers work like a charm with TV & Laptop.

Connect the Bluetooth speaker & phone/laptop & stream the music. The high wattage speakers would, undoubtedly consume more energy, but surely you’ll love them.

How Many watts Should a Bluetooth Speaker be For Calls & Meetings?

If you need a wireless speaker for daily meetings & hands-free calls, there’s a lot of options available in the Indian market. People often just check for microphones in speakers, & forget to look at the power of portable speakers.

For attending meetings & calls, your speakers should be able to cover a 3-5 meter range. Ideally speaking, an 8W or 10W Bluetooth speaker would pick up your voice & deliver the sound with enough loudness.

Again, don’t go with low wattage speakers, as it might disrupt the user experience. The loudness would be terrible & you would never enjoy talking with your loved ones. Remember, it’s a speaker, not an earphone!

Bluetooth Speakers For Home Theatre

bluetooth speaker for home theatre

People expect loudness & listening to music in home theatres setups in a joyful mood. But if it’s not capable of delivering that loudness, it would spoil the same, right?

When it comes to choosing Bluetooth sound system speakers for home theatres, the output power is crucial. You can buy one with 65 watts of power or go up to 120 watts for the best experience.

Conclusion | What is a Good wattage For Portable Speakers?

To sum up here’s the summarized chart to answer the question: how many watts is a good Bluetooth speaker?

Requirement For-Minimum Bluetooth speaker power-
Party & Outdoor30W
Small gatherings14-20W
Personal use5W
Meetings & Calls8-10W
TV & Laptop40W
Home Theaters65-120W