Mivi Roam 2 vs Infinity Fuze Pint Bluetooth Speaker Comparison

Mivi Roam 2 vs Infinity Fuze Pint Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a wireless speaker under 1000 rupees, chances are high that you have come across these two models. Today we are going to do Mivi Roam 2 vs Infinity Fuze Pint Bluetooth speaker comparison. Both of these are equally famous when it comes to affordable speakers on a budget of Rs. 1000/-.

Mivi Roam 2 vs Infinity Fuze Pint Compared

Mivi Roam 2 Infinity Fuze Pint
ConnectivityBluetooth, AUXBluetooth
Output Power5W4.5W
Smooth Integrated ControlsYesYes
In-Built MicYesYes
FM RadioNoNo
SD Card slotNoNo
Battery Backup24 Hours5 Hours
Battery Size2000 mAh480 mAh
Charging Time3-4 Hours2.5 Hours
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Design & Build Quality

Features Mivi Roam 2 Infinity Fuze Pint
Output Power 5W 4.5W
Bluetooth Support Yes Yes
AUX Support Yes No
Is it waterproof? Yes No
Integrated button controls Yes Yes
Weight 204g 65g

When we look at the design & basic parameters of these two Bluetooth speakers, Mivi Roam 2 is ahead of Infinity Fuze Pint. This is because it has 11% extra output power than its rival.

Mivi roam bluetooth speaker

Though both support Bluetooth connectivity, Infinity Fuze pint doesn’t support AUX cable input. You can’t play music from AUX cable but the same feature is available with Mivi Roam 2 speaker. Furthermore, Mivi Roam 2 provides immunity from water & splashes but Infinity Fuze Pint doesn’t.

The only thing on which Mivi Roam 2 lags behind the Infinity Fuze Pint is the weight. Since it is made up of metal housing, it is terribly heavy. On the other hand, Infinity Fuze Pint speaker weighs roughly 1/4th of the Mivi wireless speaker.

Hence, if you’re going to use it while moving around, Infinity Pint might be a viable option. But in terms of features, Mivi Roam 2 is always preferred.

Sound Quality & Features

Features Mivi Roam 2 Infinity Fuze Pint
Driver size 52mm Unknown
Microphone Yes Yes
Voice Assistants Support Yes Yes
Bass quality Good Punchy
FM Radio No No
MicroSD slot No No

Coming to sound quality, Mivi Roam 2 offers better sound quality with its 52mm large driver. In order to do hands-free calls, both of them are equally good. You can query the leading voice assistants by pressing the button.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Wireless Mini Speaker

However, if you’re a bass lover and looking for a good Bluetooth speaker with high bass, I strongly recommend you go with Mivi Roam 2. Of course, we can’t compare the bass quality with a portable speakers costing Rs. 5000, but on such a low budget, it just performs great.

On the other hand, Infinity Fuze Pint’s bass is not terrible either. Despite having very small in size, it impresses with the bass. It’s not too heavy, but definitely punchy & worth trying out!

And yes, none of the two have an in-built FM or MicroSD card slot.

Battery & Charging

Features Mivi Roam 2 Infinity Fuze Pint
Battery Backup 24 Hours 5 Hours
Battery Size 2000 mAh 480 mAh
Charging Time 3-4 hours 2.5 hours
Charging Method Micro – USB Micro – USB

When we compare Mivi Roam 2 and Infinity Fuze Pint speakers in terms of battery backup, Mivi Roam 2 is the clear winner. It offers almost 5 times extra battery life than its competitors. The large 2000 mAh battery is behind this huge playtime.

Mivi roam wireless speaker experience

However, the charging time of Mivi Roam 2 is a little long. It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge (probably because of the huge battery size). Infinity Fuze pint speaker takes 60% time of what Mivi Roam 2 takes for full charge.

Closing Thoughts | Infinity Fuze Pint vs Mivi Roam 2

We are done with the comparison of Infinity Fuze Pint and Mivi Roam 2 wireless speaker. As per my experience, you should choose Mivi Roam 2 over the other because it offers better bass quality and undoubtedly, very long battery backup.

It is very strongly built-with metal mesh so you can use it for years without worrying. On a budget of Rs. 1000, Mivi Roam 2 offers you the best value for money which no other suitable speaker can offer as of now.

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