How Bluetooth Speakers Work? The Inner Workings Bluetooth Speakers

Have you ever wondered how Bluetooth speakers work? Well, we’re going to talk about it in this article.

Bluetooth speakers have been around for a while now and they’re becoming popular in today’s society. People have stopped using wired speakers and have opted for wireless speakers so that they could save on the wires.

They are everywhere. You can find them at computer stores, sporting goods, and even convenience stores. But how exactly does a Bluetooth speaker work?

Understanding Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth wireless technology is a standard feature in most new speaker systems. It allows you to play wirelessly from your cell phone.

When it comes to wireless, Bluetooth is the name that always comes up. It is the best wireless technology in the market today.

understanding Bluetooth technology

How far will Bluetooth speakers work with this technology? It is a type of radiofrequency that uses a short-range connection (30 feet) to send data wirelessly between two devices (up to 100 meters).

These devices include speakers, computers and cell phones. Devices using this technology must be able to “pair” with each other.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Bluetooth for your speaker system:

1. Dependable and Reliable

Bluetooth is dependable and reliable. Nowadays, many gadgets use this technology. Also, it has been around for quite some time now.

2. Longer range

The range of this wireless technology is longer than many other wireless technologies. The devices with Bluetooth can be connected from up to 50 feet away.

3. Low power consumption

Compared to other wireless technologies, Bluetooth consumes less power. Even 10 or 15-watt portable speakers do the job perfectly. This is an added advantage because it will save more on the battery life of your devices.

4. Widely supported

There are many Bluetooth devices available in the market and most of them are widely supported by different brands and manufacturers. The wide support ensures compatibility between devices.

5. Multi-tasking and friendly

You can use most Bluetooth devices while listening to music or watching a movie because they support multi-tasking. This feature also allows you to make and receive calls while listening to music or watching a movie or show on your device.

Why is Bluetooth speaker so popular?

Bluetooth Speaker, the name is not so popular among all these days but the popularity of wireless speakers is increasing day by day. But why is this happening?

The next generation of Bluetooth speakers comes with better features. Stereo Bluetooth speakers come with improved features. These speakers have three drivers and a subwoofer which help to enhance the sound quality.

how bluetooth speakers work

How do Bluetooth speakers work with mobile? The best part about these stereo speakers is that you can connect almost every kind of devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones and many more.

Some of these upcoming Bluetooth speakers are water-resistant and dustproof which makes them perfect for outdoor activities. Such advanced features help wireless speakers to last longer.

The reason why I believe that Bluetooth speaker is so popular is because of how small they are and how easy they are to transport and people can take their music with them wherever they go.

Also, Bluetooth technology has been around for a number of years now, which makes it a lot easier for people to find compatible devices when purchasing one of these speakers.

This means more people will be able to purchase these devices and enjoy listening to their favourite music wherever they go.

How the Bluetooth speaker is able to connect?

Bluetooth speakers are able to connect with any device that has a Bluetooth connection. If a device is equipped, it will be able to send and receive data from other devices that are equipped with Bluetooth.

The speaker uses the same technology that cell phones use to connect wirelessly. This allows you to listen to music without any tangling of cables.

connect wireless speakers to mobile

The portable speaker can be connected to your computer, tablet and smartphone. Most of today’s tablets have bluetooth capabilities built right into them, so you can listen to music anywhere in your home without needing a lot of cords.

To use it, you need to have a bluetooth device such as a cell phone or MP3 player, as well as a portable speaker. The first step is pairing the two devices. We can do it in several ways:

1. When your Bluetooth device is turned on, it will initiate a search for other Bluetooth devices within range of it.

Sometimes this can take a few minutes depending on how many other Bluetooth devices are around that your device has to find and connect with.

man using speaker for music

When the search has finished, the list of available Bluetooth devices will be displayed on your screen so choose the one you want and enter the appropriate passcode when requested.

2. If you know the passcode of your Bluetooth speaker, then you can enter this into your device manually and connect with it immediately without having to wait for a search.

3. You can also pair both devices using NFC (Near Field Communication). This is generally only available on phones that have this feature built-in and enables wireless (and contactless) data sharing over very close proximity.

Troubleshoot steps if your speaker is connected but not playing.

Bluetooth Profiles That Speakers Use

Wireless speakers use multiple audio profiles to work. Let’s look at the top 3 protocols which are very common in this technology- A2DP, AVCRP & HSP.

Speakers use bluetooth to communicate with other devices, like smartphones or tablets. For example, if you have a speaker with a built-in microphone, you can use it to make hands-free calls. There are several Bluetooth profiles that speakers use:

1. A2DP

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is an audio profile that allows for high-quality sound transmission over Bluetooth.

Also known as Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, it is a part of the Bluetooth v1.0 specification. The A2DP specification defines a way to send digital audio from one device (the server) to another (the client).

The A2DP profile was added as part of the BT v1.2 specification released in 2001 and is backwards compatible with older versions of Bluetooth.


AVRCP provides an interface for controlling different Bluetooth media devices such as TVs, music players, and headphones remotely from a Bluetooth controller device. Resolve wireless speaker issues if you find any problem during music streaming.

3. HFP & HSP

Headset Profile (HSP) and Hands-free Profile (HFP) are two different Bluetooth profiles that offer similar services.

The main difference between the two is that the Headset Profile (HSP) allows a single device to connect to multiple headsets, while the Hands-free Profile (HFP) only allows one headset at a time.

Conclusion | Portable Speakers Working

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how wireless speakers work and whether they’re right for you or not.

Now it’s time to decide which one to buy! There are plenty of options available that offer different features and sound quality, so the choice will likely be a difficult one.

If you want more detailed information on them, be sure to check out our other articles related to wireless speakers.