5 Best Bluetooth Speakers with SD Card Slot in India (2023)

Do you ever find yourself wanting to play music but don’t have your phone or mp3 player with you?

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you wish you had brought your music along with you?

Alright, now there are Bluetooth speakers that come with an SD card slot. You can easily store your music on the speaker itself!

This is perfect for taking on the go. You’ll never have to worry about being without your favorite tunes again.

If you don’t want to be dependent on your smartphone or laptop to stream music, then you’ll definitely want to check out the best Bluetooth speakers with SD card slot in India.

Best Bluetooth Speakers with SD Card Slot in India

Best Bluetooth Speakers with SD Card Slot in India

Bluetooth speakers with memory card slotLinks (Amazon)
boAt Stone 170 CHECK PRICE
Zebronics Zeb-Vita wireless speaker CHECK PRICE
boAt Stone 650 CHECK PRICE
boAt Stone Grenade Bluetooth speaker CHECK PRICE
pTron Fusion 2.0 CHECK PRICE
Artis BT90 Portable speaker CHECK PRICE

1. boAt Stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 170 wireless Bluetooth speaker

The boAt Stone 170 Speaker is a great choice for anyone looking for a portable, rugged speaker that delivers premium HD sound. The speaker is IPX6 rated, meaning it is protected against sweat and water, and its compact design makes it easy to carry around. Its compact and rugged design makes it the perfect choice for any outdoor activity.

The boAt 170 wireless speaker also features a MicroSD card slot for offline music streaming, and its 5W power output delivers impressive sound quality. Furthermore, the AUX input allows you to connect the speaker to your laptop or PC.

This boAt Bluetooth Speaker has a sleek, minimalist design that is sure to complement any home décor. The speaker is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

boAt Stone 170 unboxing

Additionally, the speaker supports TWS mode, which allows you to connect two speakers together wirelessly for a truly immersive listening experience. It has a powerful 1800 mAh battery that provides up to 6 hours of playback time, though the charging time is 4 hours long.

Overall, this boAt bluetooth speaker with a memory card slot is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, portable speaker that delivers amazing sound quality.

This speaker delivers premium HD sound which creates an immersive listening experience. The bass is deep and booming, and the highs are crisp and clear.


  • Delivers premium HD sound quality
  • Waterproof bluetooth speaker with SD card slot
  • Compact and rugged design makes it easy to carry around
  • MicroSD card slot and AUX input for offline music streaming
  • Impressive sound quality with awesome bass
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Supports TWS mode for an immersive listening experience
  • up to 6 hours of playback time


  • No Microphone
  • Long charging time & average battery life

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Best Alternative: boAt Stone Grenade

2. Zebronics Zeb Vita Wireless Speaker

The Zebronics Zeb-vita is a Wireless speaker that supports USB, AUX input and Micro SD cards. You can insert a memory card with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

Hence, you have multiple connectivity options. The inbuilt FM radio is a great addition for convenience. You don’t need to depend entirely on Bluetooth every time.

It also has an inbuilt microphone to facilitate the call function. For entertainment purposes, you can leverage the FM radio that is also part of this speaker.

Zebronics zeb vita speaker image

The build quality is quite good and it sports a rugged, solid & stylish design. There are multiple control buttons for volume and media playback.

The total output of this Zebronics BT speaker is 10 watts with a driver size of 52mm. Though the trebles and vocals are clear, the sound distorts at higher volumes.

However, the charging time is 4 hrs (very long) and the playback time is just 5hrs (less battery backup). Overall, this speaker is just average and there are better options available in the market. You should see other portable Bluetooth speakers that come with the micro SD card slot that we have discussed.


  • Supports USB, AUX input and Micro SD cards
  • Inbuilt FM radio
  • Inbuilt microphone for hands-free calls
  • Good build quality
  • Rugged, solid & stylish design
  • Multiple control buttons for volume and media playback


  • Sound distortion at higher volumes
  • Long charging time & less battery backup

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3. boAt Stone 650 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

red cuboidal wireless portable speaker (boat stone 650)

The boAt Stone 650 Bluetooth speaker is a great speaker with awesome sound quality. It has a powerful driver that delivers 10W of audio with decent bass to cheer with.

This boAt speaker has an IPX5 rating that makes it resistant to water and dust and the sleek and robust design makes it extra durable. You can use it near water without any worries. However, the weight of the speaker is a little on the high side.

We have integrated controls which allow for easy user interface and the dual connectivity via Bluetooth v4.2 and AUX is great. However, it would be better if boAt could offer the latest Bluetooth version, i.e, v5.0.

Furthermore, it has a memory card slot which enables you to play stored music. The volume is higher when played via the SD card. If you are searching for a boAt Bluetooth speaker with SD card slot without missing any other essential features, this speaker matches your requirements.

boAt Stone 650

The downside is that the USB and charger cables are too short. Also, there is no FM function. The battery life of boAt 650 portable Bluetooth speaker is decent and offers a playback time of up to 7 hours. The auto shut off feature is unique in itself which helps you save battery when not in use for a while.

Overall, this wireless speaker is a great choice and comes with a 1-year warranty. This is a great speaker with great sound quality and long battery life.


  • Loud sound quality with bass, with little to no distortion at 100% volume
  • IPX5 rated resistant to water and dust
  • Sleek and robust design
  • Easy user interface
  • Dual connectivity via Bluetooth & AUX
  • Memory card slot to play stored music
  • Decent battery life with auto shut off feature to save battery


  • USB and charger cables are too short
  • No FM function

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4. pTron Fusion 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

PTron Fusion Bluetooth speaker

The next best portable speaker with SD card slot comes from pTron. PTron Fusion is a great sounding Bluetooth speaker with plenty of features. The 10W output is enough to fill a small room and the dual-driver design ensures that the sound is clear and well balanced. The bass diaphragm adds some punch to the low end, while the mids and highs are crisp and detailed.

The speaker has a rounded, sturdy frame and is connected by a flat surface that gives it a firm grip and a more comfortable handle. The wireless range is 10 meters and the speaker also has a 3.5mm AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices.

A large 2000mAh battery gives this pTron wireless speaker up to 10 hours of playtime and can be recharged within 4-5 hours via a micro USB charging port. The charging time is too long, & I didn’t like it.

PTron Fusion speaker real image

In addition to Bluetooth, the speaker also has a TF card slot, and a USB interface. This makes it widely compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, or computers. You can use the USB port to play music, and the memory card slot allows you to listen to your favorite tunes offline.

The built-in microphone enhances the hands-free capability of this portable wireless speaker, making it a great choice for music lovers on the go. Overall, PTron Fusion is a great sounding Bluetooth speaker with plenty of features and a great price.


  • Great sound quality with 10W output
  • Dual-driver design for clear, well-balanced sound
  • MicroSD card slot for offline listening
  • 3.5mm AUX input
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free use
  • Value for money


  • Long charging time of 4-5 hours
  • No FM radio

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5. Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with pendrive slot

The Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great little speaker with some nice features. Wireless Bluetooth streaming is great, and AUX input is a handy addition. It comes with a wrist band / holding strap, which is handy for carrying it around.

Stream songs offline by inserting memory cards into the speaker. With the memory card support, you can play your tunes even when you’re not near a Bluetooth device.

Though this speaker is last on the list of the best Bluetooth speakers with a micro SD card slot, it truly values your money if you look at the features. This is a speaker that comes with a pendrive slot, in addition to the memory card slot.

The only downside is that the battery life is only around 5 hours, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in if you want to use it for longer time.

Artis BT90 Portable Speaker

The sound quality of this Bluetooth speaker is good for the price, but the volume is not that loud enough for most situations. But with the TWS function, you can pair two speakers together and double the fun. The FM radio player is a nice touch, and the overall design is robust and stylish.

If we talk about the drawbacks, it is the less output power (3 watts). Overall, the Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great little speaker with some great features.


  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Memory card support for offline playback
  • Pendrive slot
  • FM Radio Player
  • TWS function for stereo sound
  • Robust design


  • Short battery life (5 hours)
  • Less output power (3 watts)
  • Not very loud volume

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So, now that you know all about the best Bluetooth speakers with SD card slots in India, it’s time for you to take action! We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed – these speakers offer great sound quality as well as a ton of added functionality.

But what is the best portable Bluetooth speaker with SD card slot that you should buy? In our opinion (unbiased), you can go with boAt Stone 170 OR boAt Stone Grenade. For a slightly higher budget with improved quality, boAt Sone 650 is the perfect choice.

Regardless of what you choose, I can assure you that you will no longer be dependent on Bluetooth connectivity to stream songs after your order gets delivered to your doorstep!

Happy Playing!


Can you put the SD card on the Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, you can insert a MicroSD card into a wireless speaker, provided it has a dedicated slot for it. If your portable speaker comes with a memory card slot, you can stream your favourite songs stored in it without the need of Bluetooth connectivity with phone or laptop.

How do I insert a memory card into my Bluetooth speaker?

First, locate the memory card slot on your speaker. It is typically located on the side or back of the speaker. Then, insert the memory card into the slot until it is firmly in place. Finally, close any cover that is over the memory card slot to protect the card from dust and debris. Here’s a great video for illustration:

How do I play music from a MicroSD card on a Bluetooth speaker??

To play music from an SD card on your speaker, first insert the SD card into the memory card slot on the speaker.

After that, press the “Source” button on the speaker until it displays “SD.” Then use the “Volume” button on the speaker to adjust the volume. Finally, press the “Play/Pause” button on the speaker to start playing the music.

Is TF card the same as the SD card or memory card?

Cards are confusing, but luckily there’s no difference between them! You can use either type interchangeably. Both types of cards are similar in terms of format and capacity, but TF cards are often faster and more durable.

Can you put an SD card in the TF slot?

Yes, you can! TF cards are physically the same as SD cards, so you can insert a TF card into an SD card slot.

Why Do I Need a Portable Speaker with Memory Card Slot?

As per the CyberMedia research (CMR), the storage market in India grows 4% in Q, 2021. This includes MicroSD cards, pendrives and other storage devices. This indicates that people are storing their favourite tunes offline and not always relying on cloud streaming platforms.

Wireless speakers with memory card slots are incredibly versatile and offer a number of advantages over traditional Bluetooth speakers.

Store the songs locally

First and foremost, they give you the ability to store your music directly on the speaker. This means you won’t need to carry your phone or another device with you.

All the music files will be stored right on the speaker itself, so you can access them whenever you want.

This is especially handy if you’re going on a trip or hike where you might not have cell service or an internet connection. You can just pop in an SD card with all your favorite tunes and enjoy them offline.

Save battery

This is perfect for situations where you might not have your phone with you, or if you want to save battery life. Speakers that have a microSD card input consume less power compared to those that stream music wirelessly.

Going on a long trip or hike? You won’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery halfway through the day. The Bluetooth speaker that comes with the memory card slot will not require your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity to operate.

Use as a standalone player

Another great thing about having a memory card slot is that you can use the speaker as a standalone music player.

This means you can leave your phone at home and still enjoy your music. It is perfect for those times when you just want to relax and not be bothered by anything else.

Extra storage for music

Another advantage of these types of speakers is that they generally have more storage capacity than Bluetooth speakers.

This means you can store more songs on the speaker itself, and you won’t need to worry about running out of space.

No need for Bluetooth

The next advantage of a speaker with a memory card slot is that you’ll be able to use the speaker even if there’s no Bluetooth connection available.

This can be useful in situations where you’re not near a wireless router or if you’re going to be in an area with limited cell service.

Improved sound quality

Finally, some people simply prefer the sound quality of these types of speakers. The music is stored locally on the speaker. You’ll generally get better sound quality than you would with a Bluetooth speaker that is streaming music from your phone.

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  1. I’m impressed with this boat Stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker because I purchased the same speaker last month. It features a MicroSD card slot so I can get offline music streaming; Compact and rugged design make it easy to carry the outdoor activity. Impressive sound quality with incredible bass. And its battery life is too long. It totally suits my style.

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